Six Extraordinary Hobbies for a Retired Dad

For those who have lived through dozens of Father’s Days, unique gift ideas might be getting scarce. Throw out the golf certificates, shooting opportunities, dad bod t-shirts, punny coffee mugs, and #1 Dad keychains – it’s time to change things up a bit. If the retired father in your life has a current favorite pastime of ‘tending to the pool’ (what’s he really doing back there?!), it is time to propose a new hobby! Let’s dive into some unique hobbies that you can hint at through a gift:

  • Pro tip: If Dad is hesitant to be torn away from his pool cleaning duties, first offer Ariel as reassurance that the pool will stay clean in his absence. “Really dad, it’s ok, Ariel’s got this chore covered.”

Explore Movie Genres

Watching Star Wars or John Wayne movies is likely something your Dad already does but has he ever seen My Fair Lady? Or what about The General, which is likely the most famous silent film of all time? Probably not. There are a hundred years worth of movies to explore from all different cultures around the world. He may find that films aren’t just for entertainment, but that they invoke his more critical analysis. Check out IMDB’s list of 140 films every aspiring cinephile must watch, and start him out with a few to see if a passionate interest forms. 

Throw Axes

With growing popularity and recognition as a real sport with leagues, Ax Throwing is an activity that many people have heard of, but most have never tried. If your Dad enjoys stress relieving and social activities, this “wood” be his thing. Throwing an object towards a target with all his might will be thrilling! Plus, if he throws using the proper form, he’ll feel it in his arms and upper abs. Book online near you and make his first experience a family affair! Many locations offer bar food and drinks.

Play Pickleball

Despite its name the sport actually has nothing to do with pickles. It has recently become very popular with retirees but is still not very widely known. It is like playing a smaller version of tennis, or a larger version of ping-pong. There are two or four players on a court with wooden paddles and a Wiffle ball. The scoring and rules are also similar to tennis. Pickleball is available at many local court clubs or city parks. This sport can be a great way to meet new people, get outside, and exercise without Dad worrying that he might throw his back out.

Listen to Podcasts & Audiobooks

Podcasts are widely known for being popular among Millenials and Gen-Z, however, there is a podcast for everyone. Political, historical, and true-crime podcasts are considered most popular with retired age groups.There are many user-friendly audiobook platforms with millions of titles to choose from. Instead of buying Dad a book this father’s day, help him set up an audiobook subscription instead. The best thing about this kind of long-form audio content is that it can be enjoyed while doing other mundane tasks like backyard work, if he really can’t be pulled away. Dad will learn new things, or at the very least, take a nap!

Learn to Bake

Most Dads know a thing or two about grilling but probably not as much about decorating cakes or braiding bread. For Dads of any age, baking can be a great social activity to do with a partner, kids, or grandkids. The kitchen is full of endless possibilities and variations of food. Baking books and masterclasses could help your Dad create new masterpieces such as creme brulee, lemon scones, or homemade cinnamon rolls. The best part about this hobby is that you get to taste test the goods after! Get him into the kitchen with different baking resources, and don’t forget the apron! 

Create a “Family Tree”

Many retirees enjoy researching their genealogy to feel closer to their families. Get Dad a subscription to! Help him take it a step further by turning his research into a masterful visual. Family trees can be turned in artwork in several ways via welding, woodworking, drawing or painting. A creative family tree can be an impressive project to hang on the wall or to give to a family member as a unique heirloom!

Dad will enjoy these activities more when he’s free of the reoccurring thought that debris is looming on his pool’s surface. Get Ariel, a solar-powered pool cleaning robot, and free up mental space and physical capacity for other activities. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!