Save Money on Your Pool (Yes, it is possible!)

//Save Money on Your Pool (Yes, it is possible!)

When you think of owning a pool, you don’t always stop to think about the investment you’ll need to make in both time and money. Pool owners want to enjoy their pools, not struggle to keep up with maintenance and expenses.
One of the biggest expenses when it comes to owning a pool is running the pump. When summer heats up, running the pump for 10 to 12 hours a day is recommended to prevent algae growth. First, let’s talk about why we run the pool pump to begin with – to clean the pool, right?
The pool pump accomplishes 4 tasks:
1. It pulls the water out of the pool and pushes it through the filter before returning the clean water to the pool. The filter removes particulate matter including algae and bacteria.
2. The pool pump circulates the water in the pool, effectively stirring it to distribute the balancing and sanitizing chemicals that we have introduced.
3. The pool pump pulls some of the debris through the main drain into the basket at the pump. This allows us to remove anything present other than water.
4. If you have a salt-water pool, the chlorine generator is traditionally run in conjunction with the pump. Water must run through the generator to generate chlorine to sanitize the pool.
When it comes to the pump, you can save money by:
• running your pump less in cooler weather (because the conditions are less favorable for algae growth)
• running your pump during off-peak hours to spend less on electricity
• investing in a variable speed pump, which will save money over time
Or, you can stop putting the pump first, and let a Solar-Breeze NX drastically cut your pump’s running time. This solar-powered robot continuously skims the surface of the pool to remove debris before it sinks and decomposes, guarding against algae and bacteria problems.
This is an innovative way of thinking about pool cleaning. But it’s really so simple – removing debris from the surface as it hits the pool reduces the amount of algae/bacteria and reduces the need for filtration and sanitizing chemicals.
With a Solar-Breeze NX skimming the surface of the pool, you can reduce pool pump runtime and filtration by one half to two thirds. That means that you can run the pump two to four hours a day, still have a sparkling clean pool AND save up to $800 per year.
Putting a Solar-Breeze NX to work in your pool also saves you time. No more hand-skimming the pool for hours, just trying to keep up with the leaves, pollen, dust and other debris that drops into your pool.
Step up for savings this summer – order your Solar-Breeze NX today.

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