Pools = High Energy Costs + Large Carbon Footprint

Did you know that one swimming pool in America outputs the same amount of pollution yearly as an SUV? That pool pump usage, resulting in 4.5 Mega Watts of energy a year, is very costly and not environmentally friendly. With traditional pool cleaning systems, you don’t have the option of running the pump fewer hours because the pool is only being cleaned when the pump is running.

For most pool owners, the pool pump represents the second largest consumer of electricity in the home.

This is particularly true in sunbelt regions where pools are open year round. With the energy-saving Solar-Breeze removing debris from a pool at no cost using energy from the sun, pool owners can significantly reduce the run time of their pool pumps and save hundreds of dollars a year on their energy bills.

Eliminate Hand Skimming

All pools accumulate debris, organic material, pollen and dust from the surrounding environment, and this material needs to be removed to keep the pool water clean. Since most pool owners cannot afford to run their pool filtration systems round-the-clock because of high energy costs, they often resort to removing this material manually using a hand skimmer.

With Solar-Breeze in your pool you can throw away your manual skimmer and look forward to jumping into a clean, clear pool anytime you want. Most of our customers are amazed at how the Solar-Breeze keeps their pool clean and shining.

Using only energy from the sun with no cords, hoses or attachments, this intelligent robot operates all day in your pool, removing leaves, dust and debris so that you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it.

And after the sun goes down, Solar-Breeze continues to work hard cleaning your pool for several hours into the night using energy stored in its rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. When the battery charge drops below a specified level, it will stop and a red light will flash indicating a low battery. When the sun comes up in the morning, the battery will recharge and the apparatus will start up again automatically.

With the Solar-Breeze, your pool is always Swim Ready or Party Ready. No more scrambling to get your pool clean for that backyard barbeque or party, and no need to spend time hand skimming the pool when you get home from work, just jump right in!

Lower your Energy Bills

Pools collect leaves, grass, bugs, dust, pollens and other debris all day long. However, pool owners normally operate their built-in filtration systems for only 8–12 hours in the evening when energy costs are lower. These systems do nothing to clean and filter water or remove debris when the pump is turned off.

As a result, most debris ends up on the bottom of the pool where it is removed by bottom cleaning systems that normally use high horsepower electric motors circulating thousands of gallons of water. These systems run up hundreds of dollars a year in electric bills.

And these automated bottom cleaners may or may not remove the debris effectively, as many of them leave dead zones on the pool floor that are not cleaned properly.

Reduce Pool Energy & Maintenance Costs

Good for the environment, great for your wallet! By using a Solar Breeze you can reduce the amount of hours you need to run your filter pump and pool vacuum, drastically cutting electric bills (and reducing your pool’s carbon footprint).

Monthly Pool Costs
Without Solar Breeze

  • Cost Breakdown

Monthly Pool Costs
With Solar Breeze

  • Cost Breakdown

Solar-Breeze removes 90-95% of that debris from the surface before it sinks to the bottom.

And it does this for free using energy from the sun.

As a result, there is much less need to run bottom cleaning apparatus or systems.

And since Solar-Breeze operates all day while the sun is shining when most pool filtration systems are idle, the debris and organic material is removed before it has a chance to decay and produce bacteria in the sunlight. This results in less bacteria growth in the pool.

As a result of having a Solar-Breeze, less bottom cleaning and less filtration is required.

That’s why Solar-Breeze owners are reducing their pool pump usage by 1/2 to 2/3.

This energy-saving pool skimmer saves them hundreds of dollars a year on their electric bills, especially in sunbelt states where pools are open year round. In these locations, the pool pump is often the second largest consumer of electricity in the home, after the air conditioning and heating system.

In many cases, Solar-Breeze owners find that the investment they make in the Solar-Breeze is paid back through lower electric costs in less than a year.