You own a pool, right?

Well of course you do, otherwise it’d be pretty silly to be looking at a pool robot or other pool products. (Day dreaming about owning a pool someday? Well then that’s cool too.)

Have you had your eye on the Solar-Breeze NX pool robot but  a) they were sold out before you got one or b) you know it has great value but maybe it was hard to part with $558 over the holidays?

Keep reading.

A Solar-BreezeNX RFU might be right up your alley then. Or right up your backyard.

What does RFU mean?

RFU is a fancy little acronym for “refurbished.” Essentially, we have a handful of Solar-Breeze NX robots that found their way back to us, and we gave them a bit of a spa treatment. That means new solar panels if the pool robot needed them, maybe there was a motor that was squeaking, and sometimes we’re just giving them a good look over because they were returned for no fault of their own.

Reasons why a Solar-Breeze NX may have been returned:

Reasons Pool Robot needed to be turned in

Now of course we want to set some expectations. The plastic top housing and pontoon may have the occasional scratch but who doesn’t have a scar, mole or blemish? Doesn’t stop us from being awesome! And it doesn’t stop the Solar-Breeze NX robots from completing their mission.

For even more peace-of-mind, the RFU units come with the same awesome one year warranty as a brand new unit. Read that language here:

So, ready to get one?

We can ship immediately to your pool, so no having to wait for the new NX robots which aren’t arriving until May. We are selling our refurbished robots on our eBay listing for just $454, plus $35 shipping. Check it out!

Price alone is amazing for a refurbished pool robot like this, especially when you keep in mind how much a Solar-Breeze NX saves you in energy costs, new or used.