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Ariel Smart Robot Pool Cleaner Dealers


Ariel is a solar-powered pool skimming robot that collects debris from the surface of the pool all day and night. When a pool professional successfully encourages a customer to adopt Ariel as an advanced pool cleaning solution, the professional will:

      • Profit on every sale to increase bottom line
      • Spend less time at each service call
      • Spend more time on other aspects of pool maintenance
      • Have happy customers that appreciate the introduction to Ariel because your recommendation has helped them:
        • save on chemicals 
        • save energy with less pool pump run time 
        • extend the life of their pool cleaning equipment 

Upsell to your pool owners at $598

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Turn on, drop in and go. With a single button start, Ariel is easy to start up and start cleaning your pool right away.

No plugs, just play. Ariel is fully solar powered, and with a powerful backup battery, Ariel will run during the day, and can keep a backup charge to run a few hours more after the sun goes down. She wakes up again too in the morning!  No need to buy extra long cords to fit your pool length – Ariel is cordless, not using any hoses or cords.

Simple removal. Ariel removes from your pool easily with a no-slip ergonomic handle when time to swim or empty out the robot. Emptying her out is also a breeze, with a slide-and-glide tray that removes quickly to dump biomaterial collected from your pool. No clunky bags or expensive throw-away filters.

Filtered crystal clear water. Slide out tray includes an embedded mesh filter that collects and retains particles all the way down to 200 microns in size, effectively filtering all pool water that passes through Ariel’s tray.

All-over coverage. Ariel smartly navigates the entire top of your pool avoiding obstacles with her intelligently built sensors. Ariel travels 10 – 20 feet every minute and virtually avoids ever getting stuck.

So many pools. Ariel functions great in pools of all shapes and sizes, and even pools with a salt base or chlorine base. She functions in water salinity of up to 6,500 ppm, and whether your pool is indoors or in the heat, Ariel can withstand temperatures between 40 degrees F and 130 degrees F.

Eco-friendly. Ariel’s cleaning all the time approach while only using solar power means this pool cleaning robot helps reduce swimming pools from their dependence on grid-power. With less pool pump run-time needed, pool owners preserve the life of their pumps, use less costly electricity, and reduce the number of pollutants that would have been attributed to their pool maintenance routine.


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