pool cleaning robot

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    Ariel Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner Saves Time & Energy when pool cleaning. She saves on Chlorine Use, has an Easy to Empty Oversized Filter Tray for removing Leaves, Bugs, Pollen, Dust & Dirt, Hair & More. #DitchTheNet
  • Now Available: Refurbished versions of your favorite pool cleaning robot, Ariel. These robots have been re-tooled to offer the same quality pool cleaning our pool owners have come to expect. Each refurbished robot is previously unsold inventory from earlier model production, but rebuilt with current model parts, including pontoons, motors and battery. Your unit is also reprogrammed with current firmware. All units are tested before being placed in inventory for shipment.
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    Skimbot IoT Pool Cleaner

    $498.00 USD
    PRICE JUST REDUCED: Skimbot is an IoT enabled solar powered pool cleaner that focuses on surface cleaning. Skimbot’s Android and IOS apps allow for real time pool tracking, relaying water temperature and location of your robot. Skimbot thoroughly explores the surface of your pool to effectively and efficiently cover the entire surface, quickly sucking up leaves, dirt, pollen, hair and oils. Built-in sensor eyes on Skimbot allow for evasive maneuvering when it comes to objects in the water, and tells Skimbot when to safely avoid pool edges.