Is algae the bane of your pool ownership?

Hopefully you will never have to deal with the unpleasant surprise of algae in your pool, but it’s important to know why you get algae in your pool and what you can do to prevent algae growth. First, what is algae?  Algae are living creatures that contain chlorophyll and utilize photosynthesis to grow. Even if you can’t see microscopic algae spores, they are present in your pool. These spores in your pool grow and bloom quickly in sunny, warm conditions.  They also need food to survive and multiply. Algae thrives on nitrates, phosphates and carbon dioxide.  Dust, debris and other contaminants including sweat and oils can all provide fuel for algae to grow.  If one algae bloom is not completely removed, the remains can feed the next generation of algae spores (yum yum for them, pretty yucky for you).

Preventing Your Pool from Becoming the Black Lagoon

In order to prevent algae in your pool, it’s important to keep your water clean and balanced.  Algae spores are usually killed by chlorine or other sanitizers, but if your sanitizer runs low and your pH level rises, algae is more likely to grow.  It’s also essential to keep dust, debris and bacteria from feeding the algae spores.  The Solar-Breeze NX robotic pool skimmer easily picks up all kinds of debris (even dust, lotions and oils) before it can start to decompose and feed algae in your pool.  As the solar-powered pool surface cleaner travels around the pool collecting debris, it also dispenses a constant amount of sanitizer from internally stored chlorine tablets.  This keeps your pool water sparkling clean and is the first line of defense in preventing algae growth. Add weekly brushing of the pool walls to ensure no spores have taken hold

To prevent algae growth, old school pool experts recommend running a pool pump for a minimum of 12 hours per day during the heat of the summer, to keep water circulating through the pool skimmer and filters.  But, an automatic pool skimmer like Solar-Breeze NX can do much of the skimming work up front, allowing pool owners to cut their pool pump run time significantly and still prevent algae blooms – dude, win win!

Once algae takes hold of your pool it can be extremely difficult and costly to remove (not a win-win). Let the Solar-Breeze NX clean and sanitize your pool, stopping algae growth before it starts.