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//What is a Pool Skimmer? | Solar Breeze

what is a pool skimmer

What is a Pool Skimmer?

There are a few different types of pool skimmers that work toward the same goal. Keeping the surface of your pool free from debris that can sink and decay.  Pool skimmers are the first line of defense in preventing your water algae and bacterial growth. In this article, we’ll discuss what is a pool skimmer exactly and how they work to keep your pool clean.


Here Are Different Types of Pool Skimmers & How They Work

Built-In System

Typically, a pool skimmer is the built-in system you can see on the side of your pool, just under the lip. A skimmer system is within an opening that allows pool water to be sucked into the skimmer and sent to the filtration system.

Larger debris on the surface of the pool is captured in the skimmer basket while the water flows through to the filtration system.  The flapping door just inside the opening (known as a weir) keeps debris from floating back out into the pool. It’s essential to clean out the skimmer basket on a regular basis to keep the suction strong and water flowing through to the filters.

Flat Net Pool Skimmer 

Another pool skimmer type is a flat-net on a long pole which many call a pool skimmer. Hand skimming your pool in this way can help keep your pool clean but can be very time-consuming and requires some muscle.  Using a handheld pool skimmer in addition to running the pump to operate the built-in.

Solar-Breeze NX

What is a pool skimmer

Solar-Breeze NX

The most innovative type of pool skimmer is the Solar-Breeze NX, a robotic pool skimmer!  This pool skimmer is revolutionizing the pool cleaning industry.  The Solar-Breeze NX is a solar powered, robotic pool skimmer that travels around the surface, picking up debris with motorized paddle wheels and storing it internally.

The robot also carries chlorine tablets that release just the right amount of chemicals as it makes its way around the pool.  The Solar-Breeze NX covers the surface of most pools in about two hours. With most pool skimming systems debris stays on the surface for 3-4 hours! Making this robotic pool skimmer highly effective at grabbing leaves, blossoms, bugs, pet hair and even suntan lotions before they can affect the chemistry of the water.

Another benefit to using the Solar-Breeze NX is that it doesn’t require energy to operate.  It also allows pool owners to cut the time needed to run their built-in pool skimmer. In sunbelt homes, the pool pump is the second largest consumer of electricity after air conditioning the home. Using a Solar-Breeze NX can cut pool pump running time by up to two-thirds. Resulting in significant savings for pool owners.

Now that you’ve learned about what a pool skimmer is and your options when selecting one, doesn’t it make sense to put a Solar-Breeze NX in your pool?  It will save time, energy and money while keeping your pool is sparkling clean.

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