Pool Nation Podcast Episode 103: The Story of Solar-Breeze Bots

Paul Sim, Vice President of Pivot Solar-Breeze, sat down with Edgar and Zac of Pool Nation Podcast, the podcast where it’s all pool talk. To educate pool pros with tools for success, the podcast covers latest products, trends and trainings in the swimming pool industry. Listen to episode 103 to learn about the history of Pivot-Solar Breeze and where it’s headed in the pool cleaning world with the innovative robot, Ariel. When adopted by pool owners and pool professionals, the solar-powered pool cleaning robot yields numerous benefits that all lead to an ultra-clean pool.

Pool Professionals #LoveAriel

Debris enters from the surface of a pool and floats for up to four hours before sinking. As the moment organic material sinks, it begins decaying and creating bacteria in the pool. Cleaning from the top with Ariel results in less bacteria growth in your customer’s pool, making it way easier to keep clean. Ariel’s on-board battery allows her to work around the clock skimming pesky and fine debris off the pool surface. Ariel pools are always sparkling clean.

When a pool professional successfully encourages a customer to adopt Ariel as an advanced pool cleaning solution, the professional will:

  • Profit on every sale to increase bottom line
  • Spend less time at each service call
  • Spend more time on other aspects of pool maintenance
  • Have happy customers that appreciate the introduction to Ariel because your recommendation has helped them: