Cleaning the pool is a hefty chore that no one, of any ability, looks forward to. It can be especially challenging for those who are differently abled and for folks who have already spent a lifetime hand skimming the pool. Fortunately, there is now a safe and tech friendly solution that makes maintaining a healthy pool much less complicated.

Skimbot is an intelligent, solar-powered robot that skims the surface of the pool to remove all pesky debris before they sink to the bottom. Downloading the Skimbot App allows for easy remote-control operation and the ability to manage functions that best serve your pool’s unique cleaning needs. She operates perfectly well without the app, too. With this pool robot, you will spend way more time splashing and far less time cleaning.

“I love my solar pool skimmer. I am disabled and it’s not always easy to go out and skim the pool every day. Having a tireless little robot in the pool to clean up all those leaves is definitely something I would recommend to anyone,” said Paul M. “Even when it’s cloudy outside the solar panels are so efficient that the skimmer continues working. The time that I have saved is worth the price of the unit.”

Using Skimbot is as simple as turning her on, dropping her in, and emptying the debris as often as necessary. This small, easy-to-use robot offers huge benefits like more time, money and energy savings. Spend less on chemicals and cleaning services, reduce pool-pump run time by up to 60 percent, and maintain a longer lifespan on other pool equipment.

Sparkling clean water powered by the sun awaits. Is today the day that Skimbot relieves you of your pool cleaning duties?