Pivot-Solar Breeze is the proud maker of Ariel by Solar-Breeze, an automatic pool skimming robot. With a commitment to creating solutions that better serve our customers, Pivot Solar-Breeze is pleased to share that it has invested in restructuring and reorganizing existing processes.

New Location

Pivot-Solar Breeze has moved operations to a new Tempe location! Still just moments from the bustling Arizona State University community, we are now located in office suites and a warehouse at 1407 West 10th Place in Tempe. Our new space is double the size of our first home, allowing us to better store, sell and service Ariel, the best-performing pool robot on the market. Local customers are invited to visit for purchase and repair.

We’ve come a long way. Since 2016, our company has operated from humble space as we changed the way people clean pools. We successfully carved out a new and widely accepted category in the pool cleaning industry for robots with solar-powered surface cleaning capabilities. By offering revolutionary, effective and autonomous resources for debris removal, pools stay healthy, clean, and are always swim-ready.

New Operating System

In addition to the move, we have fully transitioned to an operating system that significantly reduces the data entry burden on our customer service and administrative staff, and provides more timely access to better information about our customers. Onboarding this new system was required as part of our acquisition by Pivot International, which supports our rapid growth through resources to industry-leading technology. With acquisition integration and the introduction of Ariel behind us, our team has more time to focus on clean, smooth and fast workflows.

New Team Members

Additional staff will be hired and trained to maintain sufficient capacity to quickly answer customer inquiries. If you’re interested in joining a diverse and synergetic team that enjoys a variety of social programs, flexible work hours and family-friendly benefits, submit your resume to learn more about the opportunities available.

Grateful for a Community of Pool People

The effects of the world’s recent events continue to impact our home environments. The value of essential and classic family activities like swimming have been magnified as an especially sweet escape. We all depend on our outdoor spaces more than ever. Thank you for allowing Ariel into your pool, and for your continuous support through challenging times. At Pivot-Solar Breeze, creating a high-quality experience from start to finish for our loyal customers remains a top priority.