Say Hello to the NX

While the outward appearance of the Solar-Breeze NX (next generation) will not change significantly from the current model of the Solar-Breeze, the internal changes to the functioning and operation of the unit are substantial. Some of these changes and improvements include:

New software provides a new power management system to enhance battery power management, leading to increased time of operation and improved battery life. The improved power management system also puts less stress on the motors that drive the Solar-Breeze, improving the efficiency of operation and extending motor life. A new plastic polymer blend is being used for the top housing of the Solar-Breeze NX to improve its resistance to UV rays and slow the deterioration of the plastics, leading to longer life for the product. The gear mechanisms at the front of the unit that transfer power from the front motor to the front paddlewheel and bumper wheels are re-engineered to improve efficiency, reduce drag and extend the life of the drive system. The system for detecting when a unit is stuck on an obstacle has been improved to result in better overall operation in the pool.

Prototype attachments for the unit will be available that allow it to adapt more effectively to pools with rock outcroppings, beach entries and other complex features.

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These are just a few of the many important changes to the Solar-Breeze NX that will further improve the overall pool owner experience with the product – which our customers tell us is already pretty great. Many of these upgrades will also improve the durability and reliability of the world’s only solar-powered robotic pool cleaner.

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#Smart, #Simple, #Sustainable

The Solar-Breeze 3-in-1 solar robotic pool cleaning system keeps your swimming pool sparkling clean, eliminates hand skimming and reduces your carbon footprint. Less debris in the pool means less algae and bacteria growing and less chemical intervention is required.


The robot is off-grid, no cords or hoses.


Solar-Breeze skims 90–95% of the debris that lands in your pool before it has a chance to sink and decay, keeping your pool tidy and swim-ready all the time. Since the robot continuously skims the surface, you don’t have to.

Filtered Clean

Water passes through a fine filter mesh in the debris tray as the Solar-Breeze paddles around the pool. Small particles, dust and bugs are captured in the filter leaving the pool so clean, it sparkles!


Two 3-inch trichlor tablets fit in the chemical dispenser. Water passes over the sanitizer as the robot covers the entire surface of the pool at least once every two hours. Less debris in the pool means less algae and bacteria growing and less chemical intervention is required.

Saves Energy

With only a small fraction of the debris reaching the bottom of your pool, you can run your pool pump less than half the time you otherwise would.

Saves Money

The pool pump is the second largest consumer of electricity in a sunbelt home. Cutting its run-time by half or more takes a Great White Shark-sized bite out of your energy bills.
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