New (Pool) Resolutions for 2018

//New (Pool) Resolutions for 2018

A new year is upon us (looking at you 2018!) and with that comes R-E-S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N-S. Are you looking to stay fit this year, or spend more time with your family? What about saving money or helping out the environment just a little bit more? You’re definitely not alone in these top resolutions, and we wanted to provide some ideas on how to keep these resolutions going strong, starting in your swimming pool.

Resolutions Going Strong Using Your Pool (and perhaps an Automatic Pool Cleaner)

more time with family

Splashing around the pool is a fantastic family past time, from cannon balls to Marco Polo, to mom relaxing and tanning on her over-sized flamingo pool float. However, this fun family time can easily be ruined by running out to the pool and seeing bugs (hornets anyone?) leaves and dirt floating on top. Your own personal swamp! So how do we overcome this? Instead of doing rock-paper-scissors to see who spends 30 minutes hand skimming, invest in the Solar-Breeze NX to automatically skim the surface of your pool continuously, always keeping it swim ready.

If running your pool pump last year resulted in high energy bills, there is a way to save.  The secret to significantly cutting the amount of time needed to run your pool pump is the Solar-Breeze NX.  This solar-powered robotic pool skimmer catches debris on the surface of your pool before it has a chance to sink and decay. Because this high-performance robot keeps the pool cleaner around the clock, pool pump running time can be reduced by up to two-thirds, resulting in significant savings for pool owners.  And the Solar-Breeze NX is completely powered by the sun, so there is no additional cost to run it. A small investment in a Solar-Breeze NX today will lower your energy costs for years to come.

save money on your pool bill

In sunbelt states, the pool pump is the second largest consumer of electricity after air conditioning the home, which means typically pool owners don’t want to run the pump longer than necessary to keep the pool clean. But did you know cutting pool pump run time by having a Solar-Breeze NX cleaning your pool is also good for the environment?

When running your pool pump without an automatic solar pool cleaner, you can expect the carbon footprint of your pool to be the same pollution amount as an SUV driving 15,000 miles a year – wow! So if being a bit greener is a goal for you this year, switch to a solar device – specifically the Solar-Breeze NX – to help out and get your swimming pool a bit more off  the electrical grid.

Did you know your pool can be your own personal gym oasis? Burn calories even without swimming a lap! But what’s worse than being psyched for your workout and showing up to your “gym” finding it’s dirty? We want to make sure nothing deters you from your workout, so gift yourself an always swim-ready and workout-ready pool with a Solar-Breeze NX. Not only do you avoid losing out on precious workout, but you stay even healthier by knowing you’re also swimming in crystal clean water. Our micron filter and embedded chlorine tray fight off bacteria and algae in addition to scooping up pesky dirt and debris from the surface.

Now here’s an exercise to do in the pool to help with your fitness goals: water crunches.

“Nothing beats the water resistance of a pool for targeting abs with a greater range of motion,” says personal trainer Jimmy Minardi.  Float in the water on your back perpendicular to the side of the pool. Put your legs, from the knees up, on the deck of the pool, while the remainder of your body is flat in the water.  Use your abdominal muscles to pull your upper body up out of the water as far as you can. Use your muscles again to lower your body back into the water. Do 3 sets of 20 reps.

stay fit

New Pricing for the New Year.

See, we didn’t hold back! Keep your resolutions and SAVE.

We’ve dropped the price to $539, but this won’t last long (time wise or inventory wise!)

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