How a Pool Skimmer Changed Everything

I have to write a testimonial because this is such an amazing invention!!!

All our neighbors own very tall overgrown trees just 20-30 feet in all directions from our pool and with a slight breeze, all their leaves fall in our back yard into our pool! It has been a year-round struggle to rid our pool of thousands of annoying leaves even with the pool pump running at 12 hours a day and the main drain, pool skimmer, and kreepy krauly on. We would manually clean the surface with a fine mesh pool net every day only to turn around and find more leaves have fallen as if we’ve done absolutely nothing!!!

We were so committed to resolve this problem that we searched on line and saw videos and reviews of various pool cleaners and came across the Solar Breeze! Being so desperate for a miracle and loving the concept of it being solar powered and can dispense chlorine tablets at the same time, we purchased it that same day. We received the Solar Breeze within 4 days and placed it in our pool as fast as we can tear open the box!!!

My entire family was blown away by how well Solar Breeze works! The difference is not just night and day…it is light years ahead of anything we’ve ever seen or tried!!! Within 30 minutes, our pool was crystal clear! No joke!!! And it keeps on cleaning and can literally run all day and night even at 2-3 am well passed dusk.

After testing the product for over a month now, I have this strong obligation to tell everyone my amazing experience and how it has absolutely changed our lives!!! We can really enjoy our pool now without it being a burden! Our pool chores have been completely eliminated. I barely touch our pool net anymore considering I used to spend 20-30 minutes everyday, twice a day catching leaves off the surface and bottom of the pool with it. I cut down my pool pump running time to 4 hours (from 12 hours). In the summer…this is unheard of!!! My pool has never looked this clean. Even friends and family have noticed the huge difference. I had no need for my kreepy krauly anymore since leaves has no fighting chance of sinking to the bottom …so I sold the krauly on line.

Needless to say, I am completely IN LOVE!!! This is an absolutely genius product that every pool owner should have!!! It will change your life!!!

Dennis shared some other great ideas with us too.

On two side notes: One, you guys should be on NBC’s Shark Tank so you can further propel the word out to the masses!! You guys should be in every retail store out there because your product is brilliant!! And two, The Solar Breeze should be a necessity for all pool owners! Los Angeles City has made it mandatory for all pool owners to only buy variable speed pumps to save energy. Please talk to the all the city’s department of water and power suppliers to establish a rebate system that will incentivize pool owners to use less city energy and more solar efficient products like the Solar Breeze that actually works!!!

We are just so honored.

Getting emails like this from our pool owners just makes our day. We love hearing feedback, new ideas, and of course that you cannot live without the Solar-Breeze NX. Thank you so much to Dennis for letting us share his story.

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