Are you ready for a three-day weekend?  For a lot of people Labor Day is just a last chance for a summer barbeque, and of course, a welcome day off from work.  If you plan to enjoy a relaxing day off in recognition of your hard work the rest of the year, then you are celebrating Labor Day as it was meant to be.

Showing up to your 8:30 to 5 with a latte in hand is rough, but in the 1800’s workers toiled in plants and factories for 70 hours per week on average.  In 1882, the Central Labor Union in NYC organized the first Labor Day to bring different kinds of workers together with a parade and picnic to bolster their cause.  Because no one could actually get the first Monday of September off, a one-day strike did the trick.

Unions continued to grow and focus on shortening the work day to eight hours, reducing the work week to six (yes, six) days and giving workers more breaks from work – like Labor Day.  Business owners and politicians supported the unions’ mission, because free time for workers meant they could spend money on dining, entertainment and travel.

So go ahead – celebrate Labor Day by shopping, taking the boat out, throwing a party or going to your favorite restaurant.  Just don’t spend it working.

Putting a Solar-Breeze NX2 in your pool will ensure that you can relax on Labor Day and every other day, at least when it comes to skimming your pool.  You won’t need to pick up the net – just let our hardworking robot do the cleaning for you.

Happy Labor Day from all of us at Solar-Breeze.