Introducing the Solar-Breeze NX2, a New and Improved Robotic Pool Cleaner

Solar-Breeze solar-powered automatic pool cleaners have helped pool owners save time, money and energy since the original Solar-Breeze debuted in 2007.  We know that even a great idea can always be improved upon, so we turned to crowd-funding to support the release of the Solar-Breeze NX in 2015.  The enthusiastic response to our Kickstarter campaign let us know that consumers want simple, convenient technologies that make pool maintenance easier and less costly. We’re excited to offer the improved design and enhanced technology of the Solar-Breeze NX2 in time for the 2018 swim season!

So, what’s different about our newest robotic pool cleaner?

Since the concept behind the solar-powered robot is efficient and reliable operation around the clock, we improved power output and reduced power consumption to extend the daily operating cycle of the robot.  In essence, it will work more efficiently for longer hours. End result? The sparkliest pool on the block.

We changed the coating on the solar panels, which results in greater energy output and more charge being delivered to the battery.  This allows the unit to run longer after sundown. Your Solar-Breeze NX2 will work overtime so you never have to hand skim the pool.

A redesign of the floating pontoon reduces drag, which lowers the amount of energy required to move the unit through the water and allows it to run longer on a battery charge.

Other upgrades to the Solar-Breeze NX2 include:

  • The base material of the automatic pool cleaner was changed to Polycarbonate resulting improved UV resistance and better overall fit and finish of the unit.
  • The debris tray system was redesigned to make the tray easier to install and remove.  It now also locks into place when properly installed.
  • The systems that seal and water-proof the electronics of the robot were improved.
  • Redesign of the drive systems for the robot result in smoother and quieter operation.  This further reduces power consumption and extends the life of these components.
  • Redesign of the motor gearbox reduces motor noise and increases longevity of the motor/gearbox assembly.
  • Improved software allows the robot to maneuver better when it encounters obstructions. The reverse navigation speed was increased to allow a longer back-up for smoother escape from obstructions.
  • The NX2 has obtained CE certification, which allows it to be exported to the European Union.

Easy access built in chemical dispenser for sanitizing pool water

Removable debris tray that also filters fine materials

Proprietary intelligent software and learning AI, all solar powered

Our redesign offers big results for pool owners. 

By using solar energy to operate, the Solar-Breeze NX2 can help reduce a pool’s energy bill significantly. Removing debris from the surface of the pool before it decays and sinks to the bottom results in less bacteria growth in the pool, meaning less sanitation and filtration is required.

Our goal is to keep making improvements to our automatic pool cleaner to continue reducing the cost and hassle of keeping a pool clean.  If you’ve invested in a pool, we want you to enjoy it!

Find out more about the benefits of putting a Solar-Breeze NX in your pool before summer swim season kicks off.

NEW Solar-Breeze NX2

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