How Solar-Breeze NX2 Works

A rear paddle powers the automatic pool cleaner through the water, while a front paddle scoops the surface debris into a collection chamber. It filters the water through an ultra-fine nylon mesh, preventing 90-95% of dust and debris from re-entering your pool. Powered bumper wheels on the front corners of the Solar-Breeze NX2 rotate and re-direct the unit each time it connects with the pool wall.

Easy access built in chemical dispenser for sanitizing pool water

Removable debris tray that also filters fine materials

Proprietary intelligent software and learning AI, all solar powered

The Solar-Breeze is an intelligent, solar-powered, robotic swimming pool surface skimmer, combined with a swimming pool Chemical Dispenser. It operates on solar power and on internal storage batteries charged by the sun during the day. Therefore, it requires no cords, hoses or electrical connections. Simply place it in your pool, turn the switch to the “ON” position and watch Solar-Breeze clean your pool for free using only energy from the sun. It’s an ideal pool-skimming solution for both inground and above ground pools.

 About Surface Skimming

Whether it’s a bug, a leaf, pollen, dust or dirt, most debris that enter a swimming pool will first float on the water surface for a considerable time before sinking to the bottom. Even some dust particles that are heavier than water will float due to the surface tension of the water.

This floating debris forms a visible “film” on the surface which is easily observed when looking at the pool surface from a low angle.

The Solar-Breeze is the only pool cleaner that is specifically designed to search out and scoop up such floating films. The rear paddle wheel powers the unit through the water, while the front paddle wheel scoops the surface debris and film into the collection tray on the underside of the apparatus.

The powered “Bumper Wheels” on the front corners of the Solar-Breeze rotate the unit each time it hits a pool wall, encouraging it to travel parallel to the pool edges. The Solar-Breeze is designed to spend much of its time moving along the edges of the pool where the dirt and debris naturally float, occasionally changing directions to maneuver around obstacles or to head across to the other side of the pool. It’s ideal for both inground and above ground pools.

The onboard computer triggers a reverse navigation procedure when the unit is stuck on an obstacle, causing it to back away from the obstacle and move forward in a different direction.

 About Solar Power

Solar electric power is “weak” but free, and it keeps coming, hour after hour, day after day, as surely as the sun rises. It is an engineering feat to design a solar robot capable of moving, even slowly, as the designers of Martian Rovers discovered. The Solar-Breeze uses advanced solar panels and high efficiency motors, allowing it to do a very significant amount of work, movement, and filtration during the course of a day.

Storage batteries allow the Solar-Breeze to “escape” from shadows. Otherwise, the first time it entered a shadow it would stop and never have the power to navigate back into the sun. In addition, the storage batteries allow the unit to operate several hours after sundown, as the solar panels generate enough power during the daytime to both power the unit and charge the batteries.

When the battery charge is reduced below a certain level, the Solar-Breeze will shut itself down and you will observe a red flashing light on the control panel, indicating a low battery situation. This normally happens at night after the unit has been operating for several hours. The unit will remain in this condition until it receives enough sunlight, usually the next day, to recharge the battery to an operating level. At this time, it will start up again automatically. It’s ideal for both inground and above ground pools.

 About Pool Chemicals

A Chemical Dispenser (for commercial solid pool chemical tablets) is included with the Solar-Breeze, because dispensing chlorine or clarifiers evenly and randomly over the surface makes the chemicals far more efficient than when spread by other means.

The Solar-Breeze is the ideal platform for distributing the steady “maintenance” levels of chlorine needed in a swimming pool. It can carry a maximum of two 3″ (Jumbo) solid chlorine tablets in its Chemical Dispenser that will slowly dissolve as the Solar-Breeze navigates around the pool.

Only the Solar-Breeze can distribute chlorine so evenly and uniformly on the surface and along the pool walls and do so without the need to operate the swimming pool pump. Since most pool owners do not operate their pool pumps and filtration systems during the day when energy costs are high, the release of chlorine near the edge of the pool during the daytime, along with skimming the surface of fine dust that collects algae, makes a tremendous difference in INHIBITING ALGAE GROWTH.

Conventional floating Chemical Dispensers tend to stay where the wind pushes them. And swimming pool pumps, used as Chemical Dispensers, require vast amounts of energy to pump the chemicals into and around the pool. The Solar-Breeze mixes the chemicals, slowly and gently, over the entire surface of the pool, ALL DAY LONG, with no outside power required.