Chlorine – either in liquid and tablet form, or electrolyzed from salt, is the most common pool sanitizer.  It is very effective and affordable.  The main negatives are:  a) Chloramines which irritate eyes and skin and torture your hair, b) Respiratory irritation, particularly for asthmatics, as chlorine becomes volatile, and c) Challenges in handling chlorine products safely.


Deriving your main chlorine from salt reduces the production of chloramines and results in softer water with little or no ‘chlorine-smell’.  You will need to add more acid to a salt pool since their pH tends to rise out of the comfortable zone if left unadjusted.


Keeping the water in a swimming pool properly sanitized is a matter of careful balancing.  Too much chlorine and the water will feel and smell bad – too little and algae will get out of control, causing you to have to repeatedly ‘shock’ (dose with chlorine) your pool.  Promptly removing debris and contaminants and keeps your pool cleaner so you can use less chlorine and enjoy your pool more.


This is where having a Solar-Breeze NX solar-powered robotic pool cleaner can help. The Solar-Breeze NX attacks the whole issue of pool maintenance by continuously skimming debris from the surface of the water before it has a chance to sink and decompose.  A skimmed pool isn’t just prettier – it is actually cleaner!  Once debris becomes waterlogged and starts to decompose, it produces bacteria and fosters algae growth.  By removing debris from the surface, Solar-Breeze NX allows the pool to remain sanitized with LESS chemical intervention.

The robot has a chemical dispenser drawer right behind the debris tray.  It accommodates two chlorine tablets (Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione pucks) and takes them on a ride around the pool – a ride that lasts all day and much of the night.  This is the perfect sanitizing bump for chlorine and salt pools and replaces the floating chlorine basket that tends to get lodged in the skimmer inlet.


Debris is not the only thing contaminating your pool.  Pollens and dust introduce bacteria. Swimmers bring sweat, soap, dirt, detergents and suntan lotion into the water as well.  Sanitizing the water in your pool is necessary and chlorine is very economical and effective at performing this task.  Using less product will save you money and reduce the unpleasant aspects of chlorine – chloramines and airborne irritants.  This is where Solar-Breeze shines!