How to clean a swimming pool

If you knew how to clean a swimming pool in 5 minutes per week, what would you do with your free time?  We have some suggestions:

  • Enjoy a poolside cocktail
  • Play Marco Polo with your kids
  • Practice your cannonball till you can drench everyone having a poolside cocktail
  • Float lazily in the pool and watch the clouds changing shape
  • Master the perfect shish kabob on the grill
  • Whatever it is you haven’t had time to do…

You get the idea.  If you don’t have to spend so much time hand-skimming your pool every day, life looks like a lot more fun.  But it’s also important to keep your pool free of debris, sanitized and swim ready.

The best way to clean a swimming pool with minimal time spent is to let a robot do it! The Solar-Breeze NX2 is the solar-powered floating pool skimmer that works virtually around the clock.  It moves around your pool, picking up all kinds of surface debris before it has time to sink and decay. This means less hand-skimming, less vacuuming sunken debris off the bottom of the pool, and less chance of algae taking hold of your pool.  

With a Solar-Breeze NX2 in your pool, your job consists of emptying the collection tray within the robot periodically, brushing the sides of the pool from time to time, and an occasional vacuuming session. Because the robotic pool cleaner skims continuously, you don’t have to run the pool pump as frequently. So, in addition to saving you time, your hardworking pool skimmer saves you money with reduced energy bills.

Take  look at what some of our Solar-Breeze owners have to say about how to clean a swimming pool, and start enjoying your pool (and your newfound free time!) today.

Solar Breeze pays for itself in 6 months or less.

Dennis kept his pool sparkling clean AND saved $1600 on energy bills. How much can you save?