It seems to happen overnight. Your sparkling blue pool is suddenly green, and you’re online searching “How do I get the green out of my pool?”  You definitely need to correct the problem, and more importantly, learn how to prevent your pool from turning green again.

If your pool water is green, algae is most likely the cause. Algae can thrive in a pool when chlorine levels are too low. If you are not effectively skimming debris from your pool, algae can make a meal out of it! Other contributors to algae growth are the wrong sized pool pump and filter for your pool (not big enough) or you are not running the pump long enough to provide adequate filtration.

How do you get the green out of your pool? To kill green algae, add a chlorine-based shock to the pool. Give the pool a thorough brushing and run your filter to remove the dead algae from the water.

After you’ve killed the algae, you’ll need to add a clarifying product (flocculant) that will cause the skeletal remains to sink to the bottom.  Then filter the water to remove the remains, backwash your filter to remove both live and dead algae from the system, and most importantly, put preventative measures in place.

The most effective way to prevent algae from occurring again is to make sure there’s nothing for it to feed on. When debris like leaves, blossoms, pollen, and grass clippings have time to sink to the bottom of the pool and decay, algae can take hold of your pool. You can’t continually skim your pool, but the Solar-Breeze NX2 can!  The solar-powered floating pool skimmer skims the surface up to 20 hours a day, using only solar power. It collects up to 95% of floating debris before it sinks.  It also helps keep chlorine levels stable by dispensing chlorine as it travels the surface of the pool.  This continuous coverage is really important.  By letting the Solar-Breeze NX2 skim constantly, you can also safely reduce the amount of run time for your pump, saving on energy costs.

Say goodbye to green pool water FOREVER!  Find out more about keeping your blue and swim ready here.