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Floating Pool Skimmer | Robotic Pool Cleaner | Solar Breeze2022-07-20T03:05:02-07:00
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Giving Swimming Lessons

to Children in Need

We are pleased to announce we will donate up to $10,000 to Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation (AFFCF) in support of swim lessons for Arizona children in foster care. For every Ariel unit purchased via arielpool.com in July and August, we will contribute $20 towards the fundraising goal.

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tray being pulled out of ariel robot pool cleaner filled with flowers

Ariel by Solar-Breeze is the latest evolution of pool robot to come from Tempe, Arizona based Pivot-Solar Breeze. Ariel produces clean pools by combining the force of solar-power and new technology as she elegantly
explores a pool’s surface to collect debris.

Catches debris and whats-its galore.

up close shot of debris tray of ariel robot showing flowers

Stay all day in the sun.

Ariel by Solar-Breeze is our smartest and most robust pool cleaning robot yet. We’ve combined years of engineering and your consumer feedback to produce the quintessential, future-focused pool cleaning device that brings a whole new level of intelligence, beauty and performance to the robotic surface cleaning category.

With Ariel by Solar-Breeze, you and your pool are
getting the best in features:

  • Mesh filter collects and retains particles down to 200 microns in size

  • Simple removal from pool with no-slip handle

  • Operates for at-least 10-hours on fully charged battery without exposure to sun through 5x surplus power that is stored

  • Sensors detect obstructions

  • No cords or hoses attached

  • Moves forward 10-20 feet per minute

  • Function in temperatures ranging from 40°F to 130°

  • Can withstand water salinity of 6,500 ppm

girl poolside holding ariel robot so solar panels face the viewer

“Ariel by Solar-Breeze is a MUST for any pool owner.”

Michael Angle

You – and your pool – deserve the best.

Better for

your time.

I love hand-skimming, said no pool owner ever. Ariel by Solar-Breeze makes sure all pools stay crystal clear and constantly swim ready. Your pool will be gorgeous, healthy, clean and best of all, no hand-skimming.

Better for

your wallet.

Ariel pays for herself in the first 6 months. How? With all-the-time cleaning and a micron screen that filters your pool water, our Ariel robot pool cleaner makes the whole pool care process efficient. Less chemicals are needed, less expensive pool maintenance, and less time having to run your pool pump. All of this equals tons of savings each pool season.

Better for

your world.

Outside of the high-water usage associated with pools, the pool pump is the second largest consumer of electricity in most homes. When using electricity to run your pool pump as often as needed to operate a traditional bottom vacuum, pool owners do not realize they are creating the same amount of pollutants as an SUV driving 15,000 miles a year. Our mission is to aid in removing swimming pools from the electrical power grid. Based on real-world usage and anecdotal data collection, pool owners will be able to reduce pool pump run time by up to 60 percent and save hundreds of dollars each year on energy.

pushing the power button of ariel robot pool cleaner

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