Hey Arizona – Is your pool ready for the monsoon?

//Hey Arizona – Is your pool ready for the monsoon?

The Midwest gets winter blizzards and here in Arizona we get summer monsoon and haboobs.  If you don’t know what a haboob is, watch this and be amazed.  Winds kick into high gear, walls of dust roll in and it actually rains. All of this exciting weather activity means one thing for pool owners – a mess! Pine needles, mesquite leaves, bougainvillea blossoms, palm flowers, dirt, leaves of all sorts all blowing into your pool and mucking it up.  If this mess becomes waterlogged and sinks to the bottom, it will take extra filtration time and more energy to clean your pool, and more chemicals to rebalance and sanitize it.

This is when Solar-Breeze NX becomes a pool owner’s best friend.  It skims the surface all day using free energy from the sun — instead of your net and elbow grease. When the volume of debris ramps up, this powerful robot keeps on working to keep your pool clean. The Solar-Breeze NX collects organic material, dust and dirt before it has a chance to sink and become a real problem.

Less debris on the bottom = less decomposition = less algae = fewer chemicals.  It’s that simple.

A couple of chlorine tabs in the chemical dispener will travel around the pool all day, actively sanitizing your pool.  Instead of having to push your skimming net through all of that litter, Solar-Breeze owners simply check the debris tray after storms and empty it when it starts to get full.  There is a window in the top so you don’t even have to bend down to look. Rinse off the 50 micron screen.  Replenish the chlorine tablets, if necessary, and replace the unit in the pool.

You’ll be amazed at how much this mighty robot can pick up after a storm. Let the Solar-Breeze NX do your dirty work during monsoon season.

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You are going to love the results.

Debris gone.

Sparkling Clean Pool.

Lower electric bills.

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