Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Pool pumps are often the second largest consumer of electricity in the home after air conditioning and heating systems. The fuel burned to produce this electricity produces tons of CO2 emissions, in fact, a 2HP pool pump running year round in a sunbelt home can create as much carbon emissions as an SUV might produce in a year (see the comparison below).

Having an eco-friendly Solar-Breeze in your pool can allow you to reduce your pool pump usage by 1/2 to 2/3, resulting in reduced electrical consumption and lower carbon emissions required to produce the electricity to clean your pool.

 Comparative CO2 Emissions Pool Pump usage VS.  Average SUV

Estimated CO2 Emission from 2.0HP Pool Pump (Sunbelt Region) Estimated CO2 Emissions from Average SUV
Estimated Average Size of Pool Pump 2.0 HP Est. miles per year 12,000
Kilowatt Hrs. of power required per hour of operation (2 x 0.746 / 0.85) 1.76 kW hrs. Est. miles per gallon 16
Estimated Average hours of daily use 7 Gallons of gasoline burned 750
Number of kW hours per year (1.76 x 7 x 365) 4,497 Avg. CO2 emissions per gallon of gasoline burned 19.4
Lbs. of Coal required per kW hour * 1.2 lbs
Lbs. of Coal required for 1year of operation 5,396 lbs.
C02 emissions per lb of coal * 2.86 lbs
Total CO2 emissions to run pool pump for a year. 15,433 lbs. Total CO2 emissions to operate SUV for 1 year 14,550 lbs.

*Data obtained from APS (Arizona Public Service), and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

When you put an eco-friendly Solar-Breeze in your pool, not only are you saving yourself time, energy and money, you’re doing your part to reduce carbon emissions and letting the whole world breathe a bit easier.