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Going on Vacation? Let us take care of your pool

//Going on Vacation? Let us take care of your pool

Going on Vacation? Let us take care of your pool

If you take care of your own pool, you might be stressed about who’s going to clean it while you are away from home.  Maybe have the neighbor’s teenager come over and try to get the leaves and debris off of the bottom of the pool? By that time, the damage is already done – bacteria is already growing and the chance of algae taking hold of your pool greatly increases. We’re happy to say that Solar-Breeze NX owners don’t have that stress.

We heard from Doug, who was lucky enough to go on a two-week vacation.  Doug left his Solar-Breeze robot in charge of his pool while he was gone. When Doug got home, he went to check out his pool.  It was clean! He picked up his Solar-Breeze, which was still running.  Here’s what he found:

The Solar-Breeze NX debris compartment can hold approximately double the volume of the in-wall skimmer basket.  When the Solar-Breeze is completely full and the front paddle wheel can no longer turn, it will simply stop and float in the pool until its human takes it out and empties it.

All Doug had to do was dump the debris, rinse off the tray and microfilter and slide the tray back into position.  Then pop in a couple of fresh chlorine tablets and relaunch his robot. It’s that simple.

Because the Solar-Breeze NX captures debris at the surface of the pool before it sinks and decays, you can drastically cut down on pool pump running time.  Not only will you save money on energy costs (which might go towards your travel fund!) you’ll have a hardworking pool cleaner in place while you’re away from home.

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