Gadgets from RobotShop That Will Improve Your Life

Robotics have ceased to be a futuristic idea. In the last century, huge progress has been made in medicine, education, physics and chemistry because of robotics. Even for consumers, the use of robot products in daily life has become the norm in making tasks at work and home much easier. Common robots for the home include ones that clean the floor, handle pet related chores, and keep the backyard in shape.

In this blog, discover unique robotic devices and gadgets from RobotShop that can easily compliment various facets of your life. RobotShop is a global leader in offering robotics technology that positively impacts lives, and is the preferred source for our northern neighbors in Canada to obtain Ariel.

Ariel is a solar-powered pool skimming robot which alleviates pool owners and pool professionals of hand-skimming. Pools are swim-ready when there’s no debris looming the surface, and they’re healthier overall when debris doesn’t have the chance to sink.

‘Sleep Better’ Robot

The Somnox Sleep Robot guides you towards relaxation and improves your sleep by slowing down breathing. This robot helps maintain a natural sleep position and provides personalized breathing programs to fall asleep faster. With Somnox Sleep Robot, it is possible to feel well-rested and energetic throughout the day without the help of sleep medication.

“I have had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep since I was a child. I’m also a worrier and it’s difficult for me to stop thinking at night. I’ve had Somnox since the prototype came out, and I’m a believer.” – Jella S.

Somnox Sleep Robot is available on RobotShop

‘Carry Your Bag’ Robot

CaddyTrek is a robotic golf caddy that uses Ultrasound and RF signal technology to track your movement and follow along on the course. It calculates your speed, distance, and angle to maintain your walking pace. Players can enjoy walking a full game of golf without the burden of carrying a bag! When using remote control mode, you can even send CaddyTrek ahead to the next tee box.

“This robot is great on all terrain and is an energy saver while enjoying a walk on the course!” – Lauri

“I’ve used this three times a week for three years!” – Georges

CaddyTrek is available on Robotshop

‘Real Cat’ Robot

The Ageless Innovations Interactive Companion looks, feels and sounds like a real cat. In addition to being soft and eliciting soothing purrs and pleasant meows, this robot cat responds to petting, hugging, and motion. This isn’t exactly a toy – robot cats can provide a personally rich experience that brings joy and comfort to aging loved ones. All without the need for feeding and vet visits! RobotShop also has pups!

“I bought this for my 85-year-old father who has dementia. He loves cats, and this robot has has resulted in a wonderfully positive change in his life. He now has a companion which purrs and helps him relax. All I can say is buy it. You will NOT be disappointed.” – Dave G.

Tuxedo Cat is available on RobotShop

‘Let’s Battle’ Robot

Mini Trooper comes in a pack of two which are easily controlled via an app on smartphone or tablet. Custom build your bots for a battle experience that combines mechanics, electronics and engineering solutions. While fun, these bots are made of solid and durable parts used in higher level robotics. Get the action going with flip fighting, sumo, football and racing! Click here for game instructions.

“You get a lot for your money with the Mini Trooper kit. At the end of it, you’ve got two fighting robots that you can have fun driving around and battling. Allow three hours or so to build each bot. ” – Ben, Hackspace 

Mini Trooper is available on RobotShop

‘Track Your Time’ Gadget

TIMEFLIP2 is an interactive time tracker that helps individuals and teams intuitively manage workload, bill hours, track project time and analyze productivity. Customize each side of the 12-sided die to process and export time logs and data related to your workflow. With continued use, this robot helps you build habits that increase productivity. TIMEFLIP2 operates both online and offline.

“This is a fantastic tool for logging your activities (whether it is work, study, anything). A good way of seeing where your time goes.” – Sisi L.

TimeFlip2 is Available on RobotShop

‘Disinfect That’ Gadget

The uvFreshr Germ UVC Light is a chemical-free, green solution that kills 99.9 of bacteria and viruses on any exposed service within 6 feet of the light. This gadget is programmable, rechargeable, travel size, and has built in safety sensors.  With uvFreshr, easily disinfect everything that you touch! Your laptop, phone, remote, headphones, keys, car surfaces, tools, makeup brushes, shoes, toys, gaming and gym equipment, coffee mug handles, and more all carry germs.

“This device is a lifesaver right now! At our home, we want to make sure that everything is hygienic and sanitary to avoid the spread of any germs. This little device helps with exactly that and is easy to use.” – David B.

uvFreshr Germ UVC Light is available on Robotshop

If you’re looking to adopt robots and gadgets that simplify and impact your life, visit RobotShop to discover even more handy technology. Learn more about Ariel at