Floating pool skimmer reviews

We’re blushing after reading floating pool skimmer reviews by Solar-Breeze NX customers. Our goal has always been to make life easier for pool owners while having a positive impact on the environment. It means the world to us to hear about our customers’ positive experiences with their robots, and to find out that they’re back in love with their pools again!

We hear about trees, bugs, dog hair, and most importantly – crystal clear water!  Here’s a sampling of floating pool skimmer reviews from our customers:

“The ” NX” is the best invention since slice bread! It has save our arms from skimming so frequently, saved our old filter and extended the life of our other pool robot. It collects absolutely everything (found a mouse in it the other day). Our property is so heavily treed, hat it was a constant battle to keep clean. Now we wake up in the morning to a pristine pool. The “NX” which we have named Ms. Breezy was a godsend. We also want to praise the excellent customer service when we ordered. Thanks a bunch! The sbnx has made my job so much easier, as far as pool maintenance goes. “

“My favorite aspect of the Solar-Breeze NX is that I can step away, I can not pay attention to the pool for a few days and always come back to it and it’s perfectly clean.”

“My energy costs have actually drastically gone down since owning a Solar-Breeze NX.”

“It really cleans the top of the pool, and that’s the key to keeping your pool clean. I’m thrilled to be a customer, and I think it’s probably one of the greatest inventions for pool owners.”

“My pool actually sparkles now. And I can stop doing the breast stroke to plow through the bugs. They’re gone!!  It keeps the skimmer clean and stops the majority of the dirt from falling to the bottom of the pool.”

“We have 2 English Springer Spaniels dogs, the hair on the surface and in the filter was driving me crazy. Not any more. The Solar Breeze skimmer is amazing The only place I find any hair is in the catch basket on the bottom of the Solar Breeze.  AWESOME!!!!!”

I have owned a Solar-Breeze now for three years and it is still working extremely well, my pool has never been so clean and crystal clear, everyone comments on it. The Solar-Breeze also saves money as you don’t have to keep your filter pump running so long, I run my pump for half the time that I used to before buying the Solar-Breeze, I also use far less chemicals.”

“I am so happy to have found this amazing product.”

Another thing that is really important to us is responding to any issues customers may have with our products.  Our customer service team is committed to being super-responsive and making our customers happy!  We also use customer feedback to continue enhancing our floating pool skimmer to make it more durable, efficient and productive.  That’s why we came out with our newest model of robotic pool skimmer – the Solar-Breeze NX2.  Read about the improvements we’ve made here.

If you’re already a Solar-Breeze customer, let us know what you think! #ShowUsYourPool