Cloudy pools commonly occur due to environmental debris, unbalanced chemical levels and poorly functioning pool filters.  Weather, humans, plants, incorrectly installed or full filters, and excessive amounts of chemicals can all be the culprit when it comes to cloudy water. Solar Pool Technologies recommends these three steps to pool owners who strive for crystal clear pool water:

Remove debris BEFORE it decays and sinks

The Solar-Breeze NX2 solar-powered robotic pool skimmer removes debris and organic material from the pool’s surface BEFORE it decays and sinks to the bottom, keeping the pool clear of floating debris. Since less debris will accumulate on the surface and bottom of the pool, there will be less bacteria growth and a smaller chance that the pool water will become cloudy as a result. The paddle wheels that keep the Solar-Breeze afloat continuously stir up and aerate the water, which also helps maintain its clarity.

Shock the pool

Regularly shocking your pool through super-chlorination will stop algae and bacteria in its tracks. If you smell chlorine near a pool, what you are really smelling is chloramines, which form when chlorine combines with ammonia from sweat, oil and urine. If you smell chloramines, the water is improperly treated. Shocking your pool adds enough chlorine to destroy chloramine build up. Advice on how to go about shocking a swimming pool can be found here. After, chlorine should be maintained within a range of 1-4 ppm.

Utilize a clarifier

A weekly dose of a pool clarifier will gather the miniscule particles and debris that make your pool water cloudy and will coagulate them into larger particles that the filter can remove. Many clarifiers are designed to work within 24 hours and are compatible with several filters. Select one that does not include fragrance or dye.

These go-to steps when you notice cloudy pool water should help remedy the issue! Visit to learn more about the Solar-Breeze NX2.