Five robots to keep your backyard in shape in 2021

The year 2020 dished up some serious drama, but the silver lining was that people around the world got back to the basics which included finding more ways to utilize their backyard spaces for fresh air, entertainment and simply put – breaks away from the chaos of home! Don’t be caught in the new year without this backyard technology. These devices will keep your yard in tip-top shape so that pesky chores never bring an end to your backyard fun.

Weeding Robot

Created by the inventor of Roomba, Tertill lives in the garden, runs on sunshine, and weeds every day – so you don’t have to! Tertill is a solar-powered weeding robot for your garden. This adorable green gardening buddy can sense plants and edges of a garden bed, allowing it to travel around the bed on its own to find small weeds. Once it senses a weed, it lowers a weed whacking mechanism that gets rid of the small sprout. The four-wheel-drive also allows it to easily navigate over mulch or sand. This gardening robot has self-charging solar panels and Bluetooth capability so you can connect to your phone. Tertill does not use harmful herbicides, and is a great option for gardeners that have mobility limitations.

Mowing Robot

Mowbot does the lawn research and maintenance you don’t have time to do. This lawn-mowing robot cuts your grass with a little help from GPS. It moves in an irregular pattern, but is light-weight and doesn’t leave tracks in the yard. After cutting for a few hours, it drives itself back to its charging station.

Built-in sensors allow the Mowbot to sense garden structures and other obstacles in your yard. The sensors also learn which parts of your lawn grow faster so it knows where to spend the most time trimming. This device is battery powered, which makes it much quieter than a mower with an engine.

Pool Cleaning Robot

Ariel produces clean pools by combining the force of solar-power and intelligent technology to elegantly travel the pool’s surface to collect debris. Layers of dust and debris that loom on the surface often discourage pool owners from jumping right in. After placing the Ariel unit in the pool and turning her on, she effortlessly maneuvers to remove dirt, leaves, pollen, dust, hair, oil and more before the debris decays and sinks to the bottom. Ariel owners enjoy a net-free world, less bacteria and algae growth, less filtration and sanitization needs, and less pool pump runtime. Ariel by Solar-Breeze has even been picked as a smart home product for CES 2021.

Grill Cleaning Robot

Grillbot does the small, nasty job that is often forgotten about until food is ready to throw on the barbeque. On a hot or cold grill, start the fearsome bot, close the lid and 10 to 30 minutes later, the grate is clean enough to cook on. Forgetful types will appreciate the device’s alarm, which sounds when the bot is left in a hot grill for too long.

Garden Growing Robot

Farmbot is an economical way to effectively grow fruits and vegetables, and is perfect for small backyards. The kits ship 95% pre-assembled in a single box with all assembly tools included. This makes setup fast and easy, even for non-technical people. Farmbot allows you to graphically design a garden bed, or ‘farm’ by dragging and dropping plants into a virtual map. The FarmBot web app gives you the power to manage your garden from anywhere at any time. Using the manual controls, you can move FarmBot and operate its tools and peripherals in real-time. Scare birds away while at work, take photos of your veggies, turn the lights on for a night time harvest, or simply impress your friends and neighbors with a quick demo.

With these clever inventions, you will have more time to relax in your backyard instead of doing back-breaking work to maintain your dream environment. Comment below with your favorites!