Without dads, where would we be?  There would be no dad jokes, no dad jeans, no dad bods…

Dads give us encouragement, coach us, carry us and teach us the things they’ve learned along the way. We think dads rock, so we’ve come up with a list of Father’s Day gift ideas that will definitely show Dad how much you care.

One of the best things you can give your dad is the gift of time – time to relax or more time to do the things he really loves.  The Solar-Breeze NX2 does exactly that.  Putting this solar powered floating pool skimmer to work means Dad doesn’t have to spend time skimming the pool. Because the robot does such a great job catching debris, less run time is needed for the pool pump, which can save a significant amount of money on energy costs. With more free time, here are some other gifts Dad can enjoy.

Dad shouldn’t have to make a trip to the local micro-brewery every time he wants a cold beer. Set Pops up with the uKeg  64 or 128 oz Stainless Steel Growler with CO2.  This sleek mini-keg keeps beer cold and fresh for weeks – and it looks pretty cool, too.

Have you heard of Fugoo?  They make some of the best waterproof speakers in the world. The Fugoo Style bluetooth speaker offers an incredible battery life of 40 hours and weighs only one pound.  Fugoo offers different ‘jackets’ (Style, Tough or Sport) to outfit the core speaker, so you can match the speaker to Dad’s unique style. The Fugoo Style offers awesome sound fidelity for a great listening experience anywhere.

Society 6 offers a great selection of pool towels for dads.  Whether Dad’s a hipster, a jokester or a Star Wars geek – there’s a towel design here that lets him know you care.  No more fighting over who gets the best towel by the pool. 

Does it seem like Dad’s always the last one to get control of the remote? With the Cinemood Portable Movie Projector, he can create his own theater inside or out.  This tiny projector lets you stream and even download Netflix content for offline viewing. It projects images at 12-feet, works up to 5-hours off the rechargeable battery, streams HD videos, and includes 16GB internal memory.

We’re making it easy to surprise Dad with a Solar-Breeze NX2 this year.  Get 10% off and free shipping with the code “nxdad”.

To all the dads out there – Happy Father’s Day from Solar-Breeze!