Even in sunbelt states, like here in Arizona, leisurely swims in the winter are not extremely common – the weather gets colder than you might expect! Fortunately, pool owners in sunshine states find other ways to put their pools to use in the winter, and discover many benefits! Here are five pros to keeping a pool open during winter:

Host a holiday party in your backyard winter wonderland!

States that aren’t hit by severe winter weather at an advantage when it comes to holiday party locations. This winter, take the party outside by hosting a safe gathering that highlights your backyard space and puts your sparkling pool at center stage! For tips on throwing a holiday party by the pool, read our blog.

Take a polar plunge!

Folks have been taking ice cold plunges into freezing water for years! Some seek health benefits, while others just do it for the exhilaration. Cold water plunges have been found to alleviate pain from rheumatism, fibromyalgia, and respiratory issues like asthma. It also increased circulation, which renews energy!

Heat it up.

Alternatively, some people opt to escape the wintertime blues by installing a gas heater or heat pump to allow for comfortable swimming all year long. Swimming laps or doing water aerobics has made the world of difference for some people’s health while staying at home.

Enjoy the view.

A well-kept swimming pool can make the backyard look good any time of year. Clean pools just look so much more inviting than covered, winterized pools. Plus, looking at the water can be a nice relaxation tool. Put Ariel by Solar-Breeze to work on the pool surface to ensure that winter leaves don’t become a chore for you, and that your pool always looks mesmerizing.

Save money on closing and re-opening.

Pool closing supplies are no small investment. Winter pool chemicals, winter covers, safety covers and cover accessories can rack up quite a bill. The same applies to pool opening chemicals, supplies and services. People who leave the pool open year-round do not worry about these expenses.

Do you keep your pool open in the winter? If there are any special benefits that you have discovered, let us know in the comments!