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Without a Solar-Breeze, the recommendation is that you run your pump one hour for every ten degrees Fahrenheit of day-time high temperature. The minimum run-time would be around five hours and the maximum would be twelve. Using a Solar-Breeze dramatically reduces those recommendations and allows you to save on both your energy costs and your carbon footprint. Read more on our blog.

The quick answer is 7.4, but a range is acceptable. To understand more about pH and pool water, readWhat pH Should my Pool Water Be on our blog.

Whether your pool has a salt system or is a fresh-water/chlorine pool will make some differences in what you do to close the pool. However, there is a basic process of cleaning, balancing, draining lines, draining filters,etc. that is common to all pools. We have written a 12-Step Guide to Closing your Pool which captures all the main points. If you have some special equipment, other than your Solar-Breeze; read the manufacturer’s instructions.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery in the Solar-Breeze should not be subjected to freezing temperatures as this will damage it and void the warranty. We recommend that you clean, dry and charge the unit and then store it inside for the winter.

It is probably sunning itself like a turtle. See Hunt-For-Sun above. If you are still concerned, just turn it off and then back on. This will re-set your unit.

Hunt-for-Sun is a software program. The Solar-Breeze will wake itself up and run for two minutes. While it is running, it will check to see if there is enough sun available to recharge itself. If there isn’t, it will go into sleep mode for eight minutes and then try again. When it registers that there is sufficient sun to recharge, it will stop in place until it is fully charged. Recharging may take up to an hour.

You can add weights to your hose to hold it two inches under water. These weights are available from many vendors and some are specific to particular bottom cleaners. (Not all hoses are the same diameter.) Alternatively, you can remove your bottom cleaner from the pool altogether and just put it back in periodically to pick up what may have gotten past your Solar-Breeze.

There is a link near the top of this page where you may register online. If you prefer, you may mail the warranty registration postcard that came with your Solar-Breeze.

Remove the debris tray and look at the underside of the solar panels. There will be a white sticker with your 6-digit serial number.

Yes. The Solar-Breeze will effectively remove surface debris in any type of pool. Some pool owners with salt water systems choose not to dispense chlorine with the Solar-Breeze. Others use this feature to ensure that some pool sanitation is occurring during the daytime when the pool pump is turned off and the salt water system is not active.

The only time you need to remove the Solar-Breeze from the pool is when people are swimming in the pool, when the debris tray is being emptied or when chlorine is being added to the chlorine dispenser. The Solar-Breeze is designed to withstand normal weather cycles of rain and wind; however, it should be removed from the pool if severe weather such as tornadoes or hurricanes are threatened.

The Solar-Breeze requires sufficient direct sunlight to run the paddle-wheel motors and charge the battery. However, the solar collection panels have been purposely oversized so that they are able to absorb sufficient energy to power the unit, even on lightly overcast days. On such days, however, the overall operating time of the Solar-Breeze is likely to be reduced.The Solar-Breeze’s operation on rainy and heavily overcast days will be limited to operating on battery power. Once the sun comes out, it will recharge and carry on.

The filter mesh is made of an extremely durable and long lasting material. This mesh should be removed and rinsed each time the debris collection tray is emptied. We recommend replacement of this filter twice a year for year round use. For seasonal use, start each season with a fresh filter. New filters can be purchased from your authorized retailer or directly from Solar Pool Technologies.

We recommend taking the Solar-Breeze to an authorized service center to change the battery as this would be a good time for a trained service technician to complete a thorough inspection of the unit. You may also want to upgrade to the latest firmware at the same time. If there is no authorized service center in your area, ship it to Solar Pool Technologies Inc, 23309 N 17th Drive, Suite 120, Phoenix AZ 85027-6306If you choose to change the battery yourself, contact us at 877-350-7665 to purchase a battery replacement kit. This includes the battery, gaskets to seal the electronics chamber and detailed instructions.

The Solar-Breeze uses a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that has demonstrated a life span of up to 1,000 cycles or more during testing. As a result, the battery should last for up to two years if the Solar-Breeze is used daily and longer if the unit is used only seasonally. This assumes that owners follow proper guidelines for storage and that batteries are not subject to freezing temperatures.Batteries for the Solar-Breeze are covered by the same warranty and replacement policy as the rest of the unit.

This depends on how much debris and material normally collects on your pool surface. The Solar-Breeze is equipped with a clear window on the top of the unit that allows you to see when the collection tray is full and needs to be emptied.

The debris collection area of the Solar-Breeze has approximately twice the capacity of a standard skimmer basket. As a result, if you normally clean out your skimmer basket once a week, then you would need to empty the Solar-Breeze once every two weeks.

The Solar-Breeze is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your robot skimmer, return the unit to your point of purchase within 30 days of receiving it and you will be refunded your full purchase price.

The entire unit is covered by a 12 month repair or replacement warranty. Should something go wrong with your Solar-Breeze in the first 12 months of operation, return it to your point of purchase, and the unit will be repaired or replaced at no charge to you.

Those customers purchasing online from this web site can exercise their warranty by returning units to Solar Pool Technologies at the address provided on this site. Please see the Limited Warranty statement published in the “Service” section of this web site for full details on warranty coverage. Some vendors may charge a re-stocking fee.