Early-Buy Program for Dealers Launches in time for Pool | Spa | Patio Expo

//Early-Buy Program for Dealers Launches in time for Pool | Spa | Patio Expo

After selling out all of its available stock for 2016, Solar Pool Technologies Inc. (SPT) announced that starting October 7, pool supply dealers interested in stocking up for the new year can now pre-order the 2017 model of the hugely successful Solar-Breeze NX for delivery next spring.

<h1> We’re Changing Pool Cleaning</h1>

Several companies have already jumped on board to get their orders in early for the 2017 season.


“Our customers have really responded to the Solar Breeze NX.  It has received a lot of interest and the product feedback has been very positive,” said Fielding Posson of PoolZoom.com. “We quickly sold out of our initial order for the 2016 season so we wanted to make sure we’re fully stocked to meet the demand for 2017.”


“The Solar-Breeze NX has proven to be extremely popular with pool owners, and the pool equipment dealers we’re working with almost always sell out of the product,” said Paul Sim, CEO of Solar Pool Technologies. “SPT is dedicated to bringing solar powered and eco-friendly pool cleaning and maintenance solutions to our consumers, and we appreciate the commitment that many dealers in the pool industry have given to this product.  We are looking forward to expanding that base in 2017.”


Dealers interested in pre-ordering the Solar-Breeze NX should email sales@solar-breeze.com or call 623-582-2825 to receive a dealer packet.


The Solar-Breeze uses power from the sun instead of grid electricity to effortlessly remove dirt, debris, pollen and even suntan oils from the pool’s surface. During the day, Solar-Breeze uses the sun’s power to run the motors that drive the cleaner across the water. Surplus power is stored in its rechargeable battery, enabling it to continue operating practically around the clock.

Solar Pool Technologies’ success is extremely unique. The first Solar-Breeze was so popular that in 2015, Kickstarter backers contributed a jaw-dropping $408,078 to the company’s campaign, so SPT could manufacture the next generation of the device, the Solar-Breeze NX. The company recently sold out of their initial shipment of 2,400 hundred units, which were delivered to customers in time for the 2016 summer swim season, leading the company to place a re-order of additional units to meet high demand. This follow-up order has also sold out.

Swimming pools are the second-largest consumer of electricity in the sunbelt home after air conditioning. By using solar energy to operate, the Solar-Breeze NX can reduce a pool’s energy bill by up to two-thirds. The robotic cleaner also has a chlorine dispenser that releases chlorine evenly across the pool, effectively sanitizing the pool and reducing chemical consumption by an average of one-third.  But most importantly, customers never have to hand skim their pool again. The pool is always ‘swim-ready’.

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