Ditch the Net Australia – Your Pool Cleaner Net that is.

//Ditch the Net Australia – Your Pool Cleaner Net that is.
Solar pool cleaner arrives to Australia

No one loves their pool cleaner net.

We get this. Which is why we invented a solar powered robotic pool cleaner. No more hand skimming. Always swim ready.

Just in time for summer, the Solar-Breeze NX has now traveled to Australia to help pool owners down-under fall in love again; with their pools that is.


With summer quickly approaching, it just made sense to expand to the Australian market which has just as many pools as the state of California.

As soon as the pre-ordering capability opened up, Australian pool owners could not wait to be the first ones in line to reserve the revolutionary robotic pool cleaner. And now, there’s no more waiting.

Solar Blue Australia is the partner organization down-under, and they’ve been doing a phenomenal job fulfilling the now active orders. Already David – manager of the Australian endeavor – has been receiving awesome feedback.

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Happy Pool Owner

Hello David,
I am thrilled with the Solar Breeze -it was delivered today.
Ron Sharp

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Solar. Robotic. Pool Cleaner.

It’s like a “roomba” for your pool. And instead of trying to clean a pool at the bottom, the Solar-Breeze NX is focused on cleaning from the top.

This is where your leaves and debris go to first – they take about 4 hours to sink, and are yummy for bacteria and algae. So, the best thing to do is to  remove that food source, and that can be easily done before they go underwater.

Pools typically have tons of full sun — sun bathing anyone? – so it’s a prime source to harness solar energy. The Solar-Breeze NX operates only on solar power, using that energy to power throughout the day and then even stores extra power in the on-board battery for some extra nighttime operating.

No hoses. No cords. It just makes sense.



Solar-Breeze NX partners with Australia

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