Dealer Spotlight: RobotShop

//Dealer Spotlight: RobotShop

Who we are

Founded in 2003, we specialize in robotics technology and offer a wide range of products and services in this sector. We operate globally and our head office is located in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada.

Our mission

At RobotShop, our mission is to put robotics at your service!

Our vision

At RobotShop, our vision is to be the the world’s leading source of robotics technology that positively impacts our lives.

We strongly believe that robotics can improve our lives, improve our environment and the world we live in, and even improve the human race itself. It begins with robotics in education, then robotics in our homes, in all services and all industries, under water, in the field, in the air, in space and even inside our bodies. Robotics is everywhere and all sciences lead to better technologies and better robots: better humans. We, the RobotShop Team, are at the beginning of the innovation chain; we are the ones making this technology available to individuals worldwide. In every box that we ship, in every piece of technology that we develop or help develop, there is something that helps increase the pleasure, knowledge, liberty or security of a human being.

What are the benefits of buying from RobotShop?

At RobotShop, we provide a one stop shop for robotic products at a great price, and strive to provide exceptional customer service. Not only do we have experienced customer service agents, but also a community of robotic experts to ensure customers obtain unparallelled support throughout the shopping process.

How are you also building community around robots?

The RobotShop community is a vibrant community of robotic enthusiasts of all ages, and the biggest in the field. They gather on our forums, blog, social media, and websites. Our focus is and has always been on the members of this community in order to provide a platform to allow them to learn from one another, build robots, and share their creations and passion for the field.

Is there a robot out there for everyone?

Absolutely. We believe that there should be a robot in every home, and this philosophy is part of our culture; every employee receives a domestic robot as a gift when they celebrate their first Christmas with us. Even if you are not technologically inclined there are many robots that can help you in your daily life, including robot vacuums, pool cleaning robots and robot lawn mowers. You do not need to understand nor be able to build robots in order to own one; there are more and more robot toys for entertainment, and robots to teach both kids and adults how to code and create robots. There is already a robot for everyone in the family, including the family pet.

What do you love about the Solar-Breeze NX?

We love that the Solar-Breeze operates autonomously and requires no installation, hoses, or pumps, and is still highly effective at cleaning. It is so innovative that it is the only solar-powered robotic pool cleaner currently on the market and we are honored to be able to provide it to our customers. We also love that it cleans the pool at all times of the day and prevents debris from sinking to the bottom. Because the Solar-Breeze requires no electricity and is less expensive than other robot pool cleaners which have pumps and internal filter bags, it offers amazing value.

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One Comment

  1. Nancy Germany April 13, 2018 at 7:01 pm - Reply

    Hi! I’ve written before but this time I have a question about something I think you can solve or have already solved. I have a dolphin robot as well as the solar breeze. I am wanting to keep both in the pool at the same time, not necessarily both running at the same time. I need a weight for the dolphin cord. It’s as you know, thinner than the pool pump cleaner Polaris cord. I really appreciate your feedback.
    One other thing, does this new N2 solar-breeze really go as fast as the one on the video? Wow! I want this new one! Mine is not even a year old, not even 6 months old.

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