Everyone wants to make their pool the coolest, especially if you’ve got kids to entertain all summer long.  When there’s a lot of activity in the pool, we suggest removing your Solar-Breeze NX and allowing it to rest and recharge in the sun. While your robot takes a break, consider adding one of these cool pool toys and accessories to your backyard pool.

One of the hottest trends in pool accessories is a “rock” climbing wall for your pool. Can’t make it up the wall?  No problem. Just let go and fall straight into the pool. There are stainless steel and mesh versions, as well as inflatable pool climbing walls.  One You-Tuber built his own model out of cedar wood.

How about a floating picnic table with four seats and a cooler?  Eat, drink and be merry while keeping cool in the pool. Add some waterproof playing cards and both kids and adults are good to go for hours.  

For sports lovers and those who can’t just sit and relax poolside, there are all kinds of pool games to keep you entertained. There are basketball nets and volleyball sets, floating golf greens and cornhole games, classic ring toss games, inflatable frisbee targets and even floating beer pong tables.   

When the kids are done playing with the pool noodles, turn them into aqua lounge chairs with mesh slings. Just slide the noodle through the sleeves and you’ve got a floating chair to hang out in.

There are so many ways to enjoy your pool this summer. Your Solar-Breeze NX will keep it sparkling clean and ready for all kinds of fun.  Plus, you’ll have more time to enjoy your new pool toys because you won’t be spending your poolside time cleaning. Now get out there and enjoy yourself while Solar-Breeze NX does the work!