As a baby boomer, when you were in your thirties, swimming pools were considered status symbols. These days, your generation is more interested in products that meet your physical needs and recreational demands rather than what will keep you up with the Jones’. As passionate about your golden years as you were in ushering in rock, civil rights, and that awesome hippie vibe, it’s important for you to make purchasing decisions that put an emphasis on health and quality of life. Ariel by Solar-Breeze checks all of the boxes.

Upon retiring, you might have settled into your forever home and built the swimming pool of your dreams with money specifically put aside so that the grandkids could enjoy summers in your backyard. While a leisurely activity when the pool is swim-ready, maintaining a swimming pool can be a lot of back breaking work! Ariel prevents aching backs caused by hand-skimming.

Ariel is a solar-powered pool cleaning robot that skims the surface of your pool to remove all debris, including very fine particles like dirt, pollen, dust and oil. Ariel owners enjoy a net-free world, less bacteria and algae growth, less filtration and sanitization needs, and less pool pump runtime.

Baby boomers will especially appreciate these features:

  • Ariel is extremely easy to operate. Simply place her in the pool, turn her on, and let the pool cleaning commence.
  • Ariel is equally easy to clean. Her collection chamber holds twice the volume of a traditional skimmer basket, and effortlessly slides out when you are ready to empty it.
  • The robot only weight 10 lbs. and her non-slip grip handle is a new feature that makes getting the robot out of the pool and placing her back in painless.
  • Her solar panels produce enough power to ensure that she will operate day and night. Around the clock coverage makes your pool professional’s job easier when they come for regular maintenance. Your pool pro will love her! And you!
  • She doesn’t have any hoses, chords or attachments that will cause her to get tangled in your pool.

With Ariel, Baby Boomers can stay all day in the sun and not have to fuss over getting the pool swim-ready before family arrives. Enjoy the pool that you worked so hard for, and be the cool grandparents utilizing neat technology to make every-day life a little easier. Learn more at