We know that cleaning the pool is the downside of pool ownership.  That’s why we invented an automatic pool cleaner.  As pool owners, we want to enjoy splashing, floating and swimming and keep cleaning chores to a minimum.  We let the Solar-Breeze NX do the pool cleaning for us! Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our solar-powered robotic pool skimmer.

How can a skimmer keep my pool cleaner?

The Solar-Breeze NX travels around the surface of your pool, picking up 90 – 95% of any debris before it starts to sink and decay. It picks up leaves, blossoms, pollen, pet hair, dirt and even suntan lotions.  When left in the water, these can change water chemistry and result in bacteria and algae growth in the pool.  The Solar-Breeze NX also hold two Tri-Chlor tablets, so it is constantly distributing the perfect amount of sanitizer throughout the pool.

How do I operate the Solar-Breeze NX?

It’s so easy! Simply place the chlorine tablets in the slide-out tray, turn the switch to “on” and set the Solar-Breeze NX in the pool.  This automatic pool cleaner will start working right away.  All you need to do is empty debris from the internal storage tray periodically.

How often do I need to clean out the debris tray?

Full debris tray of solar breeze nx automatic pool cleaner

This depends on how much debris and material normally collects on your pool surface. The Solar-Breeze NX is equipped with a clear window on the top of the unit that allows you to see when the collection tray is full and needs to be emptied.

The debris collection area of the Solar-Breeze NX has approximately twice the capacity of a standard skimmer basket. So if you normally clean out your skimmer basket once a week, then you would need to empty the debris tray once every two weeks.

Why is the Solar-Breeze NX solar powered?

We chose solar power for our automatic pool cleaner because it is energy efficient and free to use.  Because it stores energy in its rechargeable battery, the Solar-Breeze can operate even on cloudy days and long after sundown. There are no cords or wires, and best of all – using a Solar-Breeze NX actually cuts down on your pool related energy consumption.

How many hours a day do I run the pool pump with a Solar-Breeze NX?

Without a Solar-Breeze, the recommendation is that you run your pump one hour for every ten degrees Fahrenheit of day-time high temperature. The minimum run-time would be around five hours and the maximum would be twelve. Using a Solar-Breeze NX can cut pool pump use by up to two-thirds, saving on your energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Using a Solar-Breeze NX automatic pool cleaner saves pool owners, time, energy, and money. Take advantage of our easy ordering process here and receive a $50 discount this holiday season by entering the code: GIFT50. Start enjoying your pool today!