How do pool professionals and pool stores successfully adopt Ariel as a product that customers buy? 

Pivot Pool Products helps dealers get their customers’ hands on Ariel by providing a variety of marketing support. We value pool people who believe in the proven power of solar-powered pool skimming and want to ensure that those who advocate for ‘Ditching the Net’ also increase their bottom line. Customers want more from their pool cleaners, and often rely on pool professionals and retailers to make expert recommendations. In this blog, pool pros and stores will discover practical yet effective ways to successfully promote Ariel to their pool owning customers.

Pool Professionals: Loan Ariel to a Customer

Pool pros earn a profit when their customers discover the numerous benefits to Ariel’s around the clock usage. Seeing is believing. Loan your customer a unit, and after just seven days, Ariel’s effective debris removal will show signs of improved water health, less filtration and sanitization needs, less pool pump run time, and more swim time! Pool pros and pool owners alike are pleased with the automatic maintenance between professional visits. When customers are ready to buy their own, reach out to Pivot Pool Products for special dealer pricing. Sell the unit to your customer at full retail or pass along the savings.

“The foliage surrounding your pool emits a lot of pesky debris that sinks, decays, and wreaks havoc on your pool’s chemistry. You may find that daily use of an automatic pool skimming robot will keep your pool swim ready and healthy when I’m not here. Would you like to borrow my personal unit for a week to test it out? If you enjoy the benefits, I’d be happy to order one for you so we can make it part of your daily pool cleaning routine.”

Example Pitch, From a Pool Pro to a Customer

Pool Stores: Put Ariel on Display

Get Ariel out of her box! She visually defies average market trends and breathes fresh life into the sometimes-dull swimming pool cleaner market. Did you know that 70 percent of backyard pool related items are purchased by women? Ariel appeals to the true target market with a color palette reminiscent of seashell bras, mermaid scales and Kool Decking. Put the tech-forward and gorgeous Ariel on a custom display to take advantage of her strategic design.

Once on display, make sure that you’re familiar with how the robot operates so that you may provide a demo, and point out the various components while speaking to the customer.

Email to inquire about a branded display stand and accompanying literature.

Ariel is a solar-powered pool cleaning robot! The eyes in the front of the unit, in combination with the steering system, allow Ariel to move freely around the pool without getting stuck on obstructions. Her front paddle wheel gathers debris, and the fine mesh in the debris collection chamber filters out all of the leaves, bugs, pollen, dust and other organic materials that loom the surface. As a result, less debris decays and sinks to the bottom, less bacteria grows in the pool, and fewer chemicals are needed to keep the pool sanitized. Most customers reduce the amount of time they run their pool pump and other cleaning equipment by as much as 60 percent. All of this is done utilizing free energy provided by the sun, with no cords or hoses to detract from the pool’s beauty. With Ariel, stay all day in the sun and know that it’s swim time the moment you say it is. 

Example Demo, From a Pool Store to a Customer

Sales Resources for All Dealers

Get our girl Ariel the attention she deserves! Pivot Pool Products regularly creates fresh content for you to reference and share. Here are several useful resources:

Website Retail

Impress website visitors when you list Ariel as an online offering.

Access the Google Drive to download listing images and recommended listing copy.

Social Media

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