Dear valued pool owners,

Here is a shipping update on our pool cleaning robot, Ariel, as of May 11, 2021:

On April 26th, Pivot-Solar Breeze announced that it had identified parts that did not meet specification requirements. Since then, those parts have been modified and installed in test units, which were confirmed as properly operational. Replacement parts were secured to use in production of new units.

On May 6th and 7th, units were produced at a production plant in Omaha using the replacement parts. Those units are currently undergoing a final testing phase. The plant continues to build additional units for shipment.

Pivot-Solar Breeze expects that testing will be complete by May 13th, and that units produced this week will be released for shipment. Based on this plan, the first shipments to customers will take place on Friday, May 14th.

Once this milestone is met and a daily flow of production is established, Pivot-Solar Breeze will reach out to each customer with the specific week their Ariel will ship. The 1,500 pool robots in our order backlog will be shipped in the same order in which those orders were received.

As always, the Solar Breeze Bots family appreciates your patience and your commitment to Ariel. You will be pleased with her performance.