Dear valued pool owners,

Here is a shipping update on our pool cleaning robot, Ariel, as of April 26, 2021:

On April 16th, Pivot Solar-Breeze shared an Ariel delivery update in response to many inquiring pre-order customers. The initial delay in production and delivery was a result of international supply chain issues, particularly shipping. “Securing containers and ocean transit are extremely challenging right now,” said Paul Sim, Vice President of Pivot-Solar Breeze. “In addition, delivery times even after containers have been loaded on ships has been significantly extended. There are ships anchored off of West Coast ports waiting to be able to come into port to be unloaded.” When Pivot-Solar Breeze sent this communication, we had a production schedule that supported it.

Once parts were received, Pivot-Solar Breeze identified that some did not meet specification requirements, and assembling pool robots with these parts resulted in performance that does not meet our standards. “When we began ramping up productions and doing final testing, we discovered areas of interference between parts that caused the front paddle wheel to not run as smoothly as it needs to in order to operate properly,” said Sim.

Pivot-Solar Breeze is working diligently through a variety of options to replace the parts. We expect to have new parts and begin full production next week. “Our objective is to ensure that the product we ship meets all of the performance expectations that customers have,” said Sim. “We will not ship the product until all promised expectations are met.” Paul is currently on-site working side by side with the production team to finalize adjustments and get the product moving again.

The 1,500 pool robots in our order backlog will be shipped in the same order in which those orders were received. Once production schedules are locked, Pivot-Solar Breeze will reach out to each of our customers with the specific week your Ariel will ship.

We are behind the initial pre-order delivery schedule, and are just as frustrated about it as our customers. The Solar Breeze Bots family is grateful for the continuous support that we have received, and for patience as we deliver Ariel to pool owners across the U.S. and around the world.