Ariel Has Made This Pool Owners Cleaning Routine a Breeze

Pivot Pool Products has stated time and time again that Ariel, the solar-powered pool-cleaning robot, saves pool owners time and money, as supported by actual customers who #LoveAriel. We recently sat down with Ariel owner, Lauri Tanner, at her North Phoenix home to talk about how Ariel has made her pool cleaning routine a breeze.

Pool Challenges

Lauri owns a small, inground pool that is surrounded by many plants, as well as neighboring trees. Her white lab, Murphy, who was splashing in the pool as we spoke, has a gorgeous fur coat that poses another pool maintenance challenge. As the CEO of an active living community for 29 young adults with disabilities, she often hosts backyard pool parties, so keeping the pool clean and healthy is of the utmost importance.

“I get quite a few leaves and petals in my pool. When a big storm rolls through wind blows off the mountains behind me, so just about anything, including dirt and dust, can land on my pool’s surface,” said Lauri. “With a dog that loves to swim, a lot of hair enters the pool as well. I am amazed at how much debris is in the tray from one day to the next. Ariel cleans it up before I even have time to notice it’s there. Cleaning debris off soon after it hits the water is much better than having it ever reaching the bottom.”

Falling for Ariel

Ariel is the first robot that Lauri has invited into her home, which is also run on solar – Lauri doesn’t pay any electric bills to maintain her home or pool. “Having the technology of Ariel to take care of my pool has decreased the time I spend maintaining it, and it has certainly decreased the amount of chlorine and chemicals I use to keep the pool as clean as possible,” said Lauri. “When I first adopted Ariel my pool professional was like ‘What’s this?!’ He now thinks she’s a really cool and helpful tool, and empties her tray as part of his cleaning routine.”

Lauri went on to explain some of the Ariel features that she loves. “Ariel can navigate herself around the pool very well. In fact, I almost find it entertaining to watch her work. At night, she has lights!” said Lauri. “Ariel is very quiet, and the slight sound of the paddles can be soothing to listen to. I like that she’s not very heavy, so I can pull her out of the pool pretty easily. The tray is very simple to pull out, dump out, and place back in.”

Sharing the Concept

Lauri encourages anyone with a pool to adopt Ariel. “I plan on giving an Ariel as a Christmas present to my daughter in-law’s family who just built a pool in Pittsburgh,” said Lauri. “It’s totally exposed and they’re going to have a lot of leaves in their pool. Ariel is a unique, useful and thoughtful gift to give to people who have pools.”

“Ariel really does decrease your time spent cleaning. The more time you can enjoy your pool or just relax, the better.”