Dear valued pool owners,

We acknowledge that our response time to customer service requests has been unacceptable over the past several weeks. We apologize for this and realize that it is frustrating for customers to wait longer than should be necessary to get answers to questions and get issues resolved.

Please hang in there. In the last 30 days alone, Pivot-Solar Breeze has received more than 2,500 customer inquiries, which compares to about 1,200 over the same period last year. Requests are being handled by two full-time customer service representatives, who are really very good at what they do – they are just overwhelmed by our current volume. While we had planned for some growth, we had not anticipated this level of customer requests. Our preparation for this swim season was also impacted by the acquisition of Solar Pool Technologies, Inc by Pivot International, the transition to operations under Pivot-Solar Breeze, and the integration of business information systems.

We are working diligently to hire and train additional staff to support the influx of correspondence.  We are also working on other internal process changes and automations that will make it possible for our Customer Service team to handle requests more quickly.

For customers with questions or service issues related to the NX or NX2 models of Solar-Breeze Bots, we encourage you to access this page, which includes links for trouble-shooting your unit as well as ordering parts.

For customers seeking shipping updates on Ariel’s orders, please access this page, which will provide approximate ship dates and a portal to spend specific inquiries.

Again, we apologized that we did not prepare properly for the increase in customer inquiries we have seen this season.  We are making efforts to add staff and increase our capacity as quickly as we can, as well as make other changes to improve our customer service timeliness. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience.

Paul Sim

Vice President

Pivot-Solar Breeze