The Pet-Lover
The water loving Golden Retriever, the German Shepherd who cools off in the pool, to the Labrador who’s favorite game is to play fetch and splash.
The fun times shouldn’t have to stop because of doggy fur that sheds in the pool.
We love dogs in the pool, just not their hair. The Solar-Breeze NX scoops up all that fur from the surface, so everyone can enjoy the pool.
Don’t believe how good it actually works?
Then check out this story from Marjorie:


I was so skeptical when I purchased this product! I honestly figured I
would have to return it because it would never work in my pool. I figured I
would try it, since you did have a return policy.

My pool is HUGE! I have a German Shepherd who spends 5 hours a day swimming
in my pool. They don’t call them German Shedders for nothing. Each time he
would finish swimming, the surface of my pool would be COATED with hair! It
was wall to wall hair, even though he was thoroughly brushed before he went swimming. I totally pulled out my back trying to get the dog hair out of the pool, before I purchased this product! lt was hours of hard physical labor trying to skim the hair out of the pool, and it was never really hair free, despite hours of skimming by hand. 🙁 Well, tonight, Ro-bert, as I
call him, went to work for the first time. He is like the energizer bunny. He just kept going and going and I went out to look at the pool a few hours later and I couldn’t believe my eyes- the dog hair was all sucked up!!! This has to be the best investment I ever made! For your information, Ro-bert was still working after 5 hours!

I am attaching a picture of my pool, so you can see how large the pool is,
and viola, NO MORE DOG HAIR!!! Thank you thank you, thank you… If this
could clean my huge pool, it could clean anyone’s pool! I am
awestruck…and……. LIBERATED!!!!

A happy client,
Marjorie Z.
Pt Manalapan, Fl