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3 Simple Steps to Prevent and Fix Cloudy Pool Water

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Cloudy pools commonly occur due to environmental debris, unbalanced chemical levels and poorly functioning pool filters.  Weather, humans, plants, incorrectly installed or full filters, and excessive amounts of chemicals can all be the culprit when it comes to cloudy water. Solar Pool Technologies recommends these three steps to pool owners who strive for crystal clear [...]

Customers Nickname Their Solar-Breezes

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Solar Pool Technologies’ first “robot for your pool” was dubbed ‘Solar-Breeze’ when the product launched in 2007. We started calling it the Solar-Breeze NX in 2015, and the Solar-Breeze NX2 in 2018, after improved product launches. During the decade, our enhanced pool cleaning technology became known as a daily-use tool for individuals and families, earning [...]

Why Switch to Solar Pool Cleaning in 2019

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With the global solar power market seeing moderate growth year after year, utilizing clean solar on the daily isn’t such a far reach for the average consumer. Since 2007, Solar Pool Technologies has created automatic pool cleaners that reimagine how pool owners integrate clean solar energy into their lives. In 2018, we launched the Solar-Breeze [...]

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