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How do I get the green out of my pool?

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It seems to happen overnight. Your sparkling blue pool is suddenly green, and you’re online searching “How do I get the green out of my pool?”  You definitely need to correct the problem, and more importantly, learn how to prevent your pool from turning green again. If your pool water is green, algae is most [...]

10 Swimming Pool Tips for Summer

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Summer is almost here!  To make sure you’re ready for fun in the sun, here are 10 swimming pool tips to keep your pool safe, clean and swim-ready all summer long. Get ready! If your pool has been covered or you haven’t been using it over the winter, you’ll want to gather supplies to kick [...]

Floating Pool Skimmer Reviews – Pool Owners Weigh In

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Floating pool skimmer reviews We’re blushing after reading floating pool skimmer reviews by Solar-Breeze NX customers. Our goal has always been to make life easier for pool owners while having a positive impact on the environment. It means the world to us to hear about our customers’ positive experiences with their robots, and to find [...]

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