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The Prescription for a Healthy Pool – Rx for your NX

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Your Solar-Breeze NX has worked hard all summer giving you a healthy pool and keeping the water sparkling clean.  It’s saved you hours of backbreaking pool skimming time and cut your energy bills by lowering your pool pump run time.  This is the perfect time to reward your hardworking robot with a tune-up designed to optimize [...]

Summer’s Over (but you still have the pool)

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Labor Day has come and gone. The kids are back in school. Even here in the Phoenix area, where temps are still hovering around 100 degrees, it feels like Summer is officially over.  Our focus may have shifted from vacation getaways and hanging by the pool to PTO meetings, meeting fourth quarter goals at work [...]

Going on Vacation? Let us take care of your pool

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If you take care of your own pool, you might be stressed about who’s going to clean it while you are away from home.  Maybe have the neighbor’s teenager come over and try to get the leaves and debris off of the bottom of the pool? By that time, the damage is already done – [...]

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