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This summer hit the pool instead of the gym

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Did you know that keeping your pool swim ready with a Solar-Breeze NX can help you stay in shape?  Standing in the hot sun while you wrangle your hand-held skimmer net and push it through the water to catch debris can be a workout in itself, but there are better ways to use your pool [...]

The Origin Story

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Not every tech “startup” is run by Millennials hungry for a quick rise to fame with the next big thing. Some have established deeper roots in their field and are built on years of intellectual curiosity and dedicated research. Solar Pool Technologies, Inc. (SPT) in Tempe, Arizona, is dedicated to bringing solar powered and eco-friendly pool [...]

How to Use Less Chlorine in Your Pool

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Chlorine – either in liquid and tablet form, or electrolyzed from salt, is the most common pool sanitizer.  It is very effective and affordable.  The main negatives are:  a) Chloramines which irritate eyes and skin and torture your hair, b) Respiratory irritation, particularly for asthmatics, as chlorine becomes volatile, and c) Challenges in handling chlorine [...]

Chlorine Basics for Pool Owners

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#Basic As pool season begins you’re probably stocking up on chemicals to keep your pool crystal clear. This is a great time to learn a little more about Chlorine and how it works. Chlorine is far and away the most used sanitizing agent for municipal drinking water and swimming pools.  Most, if not all, [...]

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