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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Pool

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Warmer weather has us starting our spring cleaning initiatives - both inside and out. See what you need to be thinking about when it comes to your pool. Scrub off winter dirt Start by brushing down the side-walls and steps.  Black algae forms a protective shield around itself that only vigorous brushing can remove.  After brushing [...]

Why use Hose Weights in Your Pool?

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With a Solar-Breeze NX solar robot continually skimming the surface of your pool and distributing chlorine, you don’t need to keep the bottom cleaner in your pool (or that pesky hose). So why are we talking hose weights? If you have a vacuum or bottom cleaning robot that is driven by the pool pump and crawls the [...]

Work? Chill out with your Solar-Breeze NX

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The Solar-Breeze NX robot pool cleaner will make your pool maintenance practically hands-free and keep your pool swim ready.  If you didn’t have to spend time hand skimming your pool, what would you do with your free time?  We know you didn’t want a pool so you could work on it, but so you could relax [...]

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