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Eliminate Algae in Your Pool Using a Homemade Algaecide

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NEW Solar-Breeze NX2 See NX2 Product Details Picture this: it’s the start of summer, and your family wants to kick things off with a good old fashioned cook out. You buy the burgers, tidy the yard, and uncover the pool - only to find that your water is a green, [...]

Solar Powered Inventions: A History

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For National Engineers Week we want to share this amazing Solar Timeline created by the U.S. Department of Energy recalling solar powered inventions throughout history.  It is so cool to see how solar energy has progressed since the 7th Century B.C. when glass and mirrors were used to concentrate the sun’s heat to light fires.  It’s [...]

Solar Heating for your Pool

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You know by now that we’re fans of solar solutions that save on energy costs and create more efficient systems for pool owners.  Kevin and Terri Riley have developed an innovation solution for pool owners that turns passive solar heating into an active process with a very inexpensive addition to your existing pool filtration system.   [...]

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