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What’s a Pool Robot RFU? And why do I want one?

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You own a pool, right? Well of course you do, otherwise it'd be pretty silly to be looking at a pool robot or other pool products. (Day dreaming about owning a pool someday? Well then that's cool too.) Have you had your eye on the Solar-Breeze NX pool robot but  a) they were sold out before you [...]

Global partnership makes a splash after successful Kickstarter campaign

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One benefit of running a successful Kickstarter campaign for a solar pool cleaner is the worldwide exposure your company and product receives.  While attracting financial backers and early adopters is the prime motivation for launching a crowdfunding initiative, it also leads to creative business partnerships promoting further growth and expansion. Take Solar Pool Technologies (SPT) and [...]

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

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#NationalCutYourEnergyCostsDay January 10th is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day.  This annual observation was originally created by the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance as a way to build awareness and highlight the ways everyone can cut their energy costs.  These practices are good for the environment and good for your wallet! Some require an investment up front, [...]

A Greener New Year

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At Solar Pool Technologies, we’re all about finding innovative ways to leave the world a better place. As we begin a new year in our office, we’re reminding ourselves of the different ways we can have a more positive impact on the environment as individuals by making some simple changes.  We’d love for you to join [...]

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